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Friday, August 13, 2010

Watching time go by at LSGH

Wala ako magawa haha so I decided I write a blog on my mobile...toinks
Well, i'm here at lsgh, waiting for my cuz finish his basketball training. I should have brought my book and perhaps finished it. I'm actually close to finishing Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is a good book. I actually got interested in reading it when I saw the trailer of the movie which also stars Julia Roberts. If you love to travel and discover the happiness that life brings, then you should try and get this book. I especially like the part where the author told about her great time in Italy. I tell myself, perhaps one day I'd also visit those places in try and enjoy the best tasting pizza! Oh if only we have all the luxury of time...haha how nice to day dream in a basketball gym LOL

Ok,so i see these little kids and other big kiddos dribbling and doing their warm ups.

When I was younger or until now, I've not really been so active in sports. But I do know that I was once a basketball fanatic during my gradeschool years and during college.

Who wouldn't be awed by the greatest fights of the Ginebra vs Alaska...well that was during my time. I dont know really how we started liking it. Maybe because back then we do watch alot of tv. And tv is like a part f everyday ritual. Everyone from my titas and titos,my lola and lolo organise ourselves in places and off we enjoy the games. The family is also a big fan of wrestling thanks to my fanatic lolo we all came to know the great hulk hogan, bret hart and the rest. Each of us has favorites but sometime down the road we also got less interested when we grew up and internet was the more appealing media.

During college, it was easy for us to support our school team. I remember one game of Admu vs. Ust. Well, as a big fan of admu too we really had to wait till they finish dressing up (that was almost 2 hrs) after the game, to get their signatures and also some photo op. Adik eh! And we'd always try and watch ust games on tv too. The cheering competition were our most awaited uaap event. Sympre, we'd support The Salinggawi noh! We always love watching and if i remember there's just 1 or two seasons we missed. We would even queue early in the morning just to get our GA tickets. Imagine! Thats's already the GA ticket...we dont care na as long as we get the tickets and watch the dance and cheers! We just love how it all plays out. The crowd it always awesome and full of energy...ang saya din magcheer at makipag asaran.

Oh how I miss those times...

Yes, it's almost a quarter to two haha...2 hours to go...

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