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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Birthday Post: 'Cos I'm turning a year older soon

I can't believe the last post I had was almost a year ago. My blog about a weekend getaway to Pico De Loro was published way back 27th October last year, which was my birthday weekend with my close friends. I felt guilty again since I've neglected writing in my humble blog. But to be honest, I actually missed the times I'd post my travel stories for everyone to read and enjoy. And the comments and views I'd get afterwards. Can you believe even my AdSense account has jumped up a bit even if I haven't published a single article in the last 12 months? I can imagine how much I'd earn if I religiously wrote something in here. *wink*

For those who know me, for sure are aware that I was still traveling in between the past few months although not as often as I've been doing in the past years. My latest travels include another visit to Australia in the early part of the year and also in mid June to early July. And the holy week long weekend getaway with my family to Laiya, Batangas and recently, a team getaway to Puerto Prinsesa. I guess these vacations highlight that I yearn to have more longer vacations rather than the usual short but frequent trips on weekend and long holidays.

I may have mentioned sometime before that it was a great experience to have been travelling for straight 1 or up to 2 weeks. Not worrying about work and just enjoying the sights that abound while you are in a strange but friendly place. I enjoyed it and I suppose that's why my next trips would be more of that. Long and worthwhile. Relaxing and learning at the same time.

I've been seeing discount fares here and there, mostly from Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and PAL. For some reasons, I don't think they appeal to me as much anymore. Gone through most of the tourist destinations in the Philippines. And probably the few ones I'd like to go to are places I can schedule for later anyway. 

So what's been up and I've been on the sort of hiatus...well a lot going on at work plus I find the internet hasn't been too stable when I want to write. It frustrates me really. Right about now, just typing this, I get an error once in a while because the auto save doesn't work due to the slow internet! I know, excuses excuses. Oh well, now I'm back and I felt like I want to start this again...if workload permits of course!

I'm turning 30 next week. Yes, the big 3-0. I've been having thoughts about what is it now for me now that I'm out the 20's. To me some things are still blurry. Blurry in a sense that although there are things I know I want, there are those that I think I'm not sure of...yet. But I'm definitely sure I love to travel...hahaha :D I'd still continue to list places to fulfill my bucket list. Yes, I still want to go to all 7 continents!

Being 30 may just be a number. What is important I guess is to keep enjoying everyday. Exploring and learning new things. And making the best memories. Cos at the end of the day, it's what really
makes the heart happy that matters, right?

Wish me luck as I embark the next phase and hope the road is just as (or more) enjoyable as the 20's!