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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tips 'n Travels Top 10

Tips 'n Travels Top 10
It was raining a bit this afternoon and I wasn't in the right mood to really go out on a Sunday. I just finished doing up a video for someone and now I'm left again in front of my laptop and thinking what could I right this time for this blog.

I know I promised myself I'd continue writing up about the places I've been to during my previous travels but I'm also not into it this time. I've thought of coming up with something to spice up my blog even though not that many read it. haha!

I'm thinking of doing my own Top 10. Probably a list of places and tips that I can share based from my experiences or some sites I come across. So let's see.

What would be the debut Top 10 for Tips 'n Travels...

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