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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In my attempt to put more travel related stories in my humble blog, I'm planning to write about my past travels in Sydney and Hongkong. I have quite added some stories in my multiply page but I'd probably go over them so I can prep up this travel blog and make it look more like a real 'Travel Blog' haha!

I would also probably add my past trips to Baguio and Boracay and hopefully type up some travel tips to share!

So watch out...

Enjoy traveling!

First trip to Sydney in 2005 - I miss the Opera House and Sydney Harbour!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Forest Club in Laguna

Since I'm not yet sleepy, I thought I'd just type a few notes about the happening this weekend.

It's a team building of IBPH and I'm glad I got to join them again...being 'honorary members' of their team!

So the activity was set at Forest Club. It was 2-3 hrs from Makati. When you go there, try and leave early to avoid being caught in traffic. We were supposed to arrive at 8:30 but we got there almost 10:30.

Of course, since we are running late, we had to start immediately. We barely had time to rest. We only changed to our activity clothes and then head on to the activity area.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Corregidor Trip - 2010

I haven't had the chance to post a blog about the trip to Corregidor. It's actually the teambuilding for VMS team but since it's one of those tourist places which I have never been before, I would of course try and share our experience of this great and historical place.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Last one for today

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I am definitely thinking again of planing to travel to South Korea! Gosh I can't help it...

I remember and thank God, I got me some miles I can redeem to get free flight tickets and guess what probably before the year ends, I could just be lucky enough to put up the required miles to set me on foot to Seoul and experience snow this December! OMG

I could be dreaming but no I'm not...when I say I will go...then I hook or by crook LOL

I've actually been looking up hotels to stay in Seoul. That's how excited I am. And I'm so full of life when I think about traveling again. Maybe it's the feeling of finding out something I don't know or experiencing getting lost that makes me so addicted to traveling. But what do I do. I feel excited when I think about going somewhere. I feel giddy when I look at hotels, comparing the rates, finding out it's cheaper than the other hotels, seeing beautiful photos of places I've never been to, reading reviews about good and bad travel experiences. I'm thinking maybe I was a tourist guide on my past life!

Anyway, enough of this. I'm now concentrating on making sure I got enough of those miles to make me go to SK!

And if that happens, wow, my 2010 is such a blast to having been in 2 int'l destinations! Thailand and South Korea...

Thank you Lord. I'm so blessed. =)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dreaming excitedly on a Weekend

It's black Saturday. And I know most people are away on a holiday with families and friends. I on the other hand has just been at home since Thursday. Usually online but also just doing a movie marathon. I've watched around 6 movies in the last 2 days and a few more today...what a productive weekend ey!

Last Thursday when I was boringly checking websites, my office emails and reading blogs, I tried checking Ceb Pac website. I got the habit of checking it once in a while especially on those boring nights...

And there goes dream of travelling is fired up once more...*grin*

I have hastily booked a flight to Singapore for January of next year. Oh yes! I wanted to go to Korea actually but I'm a little hesitant about still getting a visa but I love to go there soon!!!

So, I checked the SG flights and told myself, SG wouldn't hurt plus we can include Malaysia and Indonesia on the itinerary too! Like hitting 2(or three) birds with one stone! I like that idea. So yeah, it's a 5 day trip to SG/Malaysia and/or (if time permits) Indonesia. I'm going with some high school service mates/friends which actually sounds exciting to me! We have all been looking forward to organizing this trip with the rest of the group but only the 4 of us are instead of not pushing it through...oh well we grabbed the chance and booked for the flight! Our fares are 70% off how cool is that!

Now, I'm again embarking the journey of sleepless nights of preparation. Doing up itineraries, finding hotels, researching tourist spots and what nots. This is so fun! But of course, I will not forget, preparing for the budget. It is good though because we have quite a few months to prepare. And I'm just so so excited. I can't hide it!

I love travelling...isn't it obvious? Haha

I'll see you soon Merlion!

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And you too Petronas Towers
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I'm thinking of doing 1 whole day around the city and then another day at Sentosa.
In KL, I'm just interested to go see the Petronas Towers...In Indonesia I'm hoping to see the Borubudur. Unfortunately, it'll be a flight away so might not be possible this time. I'm happy to just try Singapore and Malaysia for now. And leave something to be back in the future. But of course, I have to arrange this with the rest of the people I'm travelling with.

Probably in the not so distant future, I would finally try and be a solo traveler. Sounds exciting!