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Saturday, August 21, 2010

CS Manila @ The Postal Heritage & Nature Trail Walking Tour

Once again, I was able to join the rest of the Manila CS'ers for another tour around the metro.

This time its the 'Free Postal Heritage & Nature Trail Walking Tour'. Thanks to Cath for posting up the details and a lot of the Manila CS'ers have signed up.

It was held on 15th of August. The attendees met up near the fountain area of the Liwasang Bonifacio, which actually just infront of the Manila Post Office Building.

It started to rain around 1pm but this didn't stop us. We head to the Metropolitan Theater on foot. We got inside and explored the old building. It was a pity to see this building was once a great venue during the Marcos regime. But now, it's left out and ignored. I hope it could be revived again. Sayang talaga.

The group then headed to the Arroceros Park and walked a few meters to get a view of the Pasig River.

CS Manila @ Arroceros Park

We passed by the Bonifacio Monument then back the Postal Office. There was an interesting talk about stamp collections, an exhibit and a stamp bidding session.

CS Manila @ The Manila Post Office

We also had free snacks after the talk. As the group was quite hungry, we all decided to continue the day with a food trip at Wai Ying, a Chinese Resto. I ordered the Soy Chicken Rice for my very late lunch.

After that, we dropped by a Chinese Grocery Stor and Eng Bing Ten to get different flavoured hopia, mochinos and the yummy looking kiamoy coated with glazed sugar. I liked it!

I forgot what time we went home, but it was a nice day to check out new places and meet-up new faces as well. Til the next CS Tour!

Photocredits: CS @ Postoffice from Arch David, CS @ Arroceros Park from Cath Iblan

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