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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miles for Smiles Run Event

Next week on Sunday, I will be running again with some SST colleagues.

This time it is for another good cause too! Miles for Smiles is a run for a cause event for the cleft care patients.

I've always wanted to run for some cause. I just feel that in some simple ways my running not only benefits myself but also others especially those who really needs it. One impression some people have is that run for a cause events are not organised i'm hoping this one should be better or at least will not fail our expectations of a good run event.

I didn't actually realise running could be really fun. I used to think I could just be again wasting time and just exhausting myself. But it isn't. Like any other fun activity or sports, running makes myself feel lighter and minimise the effects of stress. Haha stressed talaga?

I know i'm just starting and there's more events to join. Its also fun when you run with friends and afterwards share pictures and other stories. Lootbags are just an extra but of course we all want to go home with a stuffed bag too!

Like any other people who run, I also want the event organised. I think, RunRio organised events are the well known and really gathers a lot of following.

I have to agree. The Rexona Run on the 1st of August was perfect. The marshalls, drinks, paths, directions, lootbags, everything is just all in place and coordinated. And all of us did enjoy the event.

So what are you waiting for? Takbo lang nang takbo! Haha

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