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Saturday, March 3, 2012

El Nido: My Little Piece of Paradise

One of the unplanned trips last year, was this trip to El Nido with my CouchSurfing friends. I didn't really plan it initially since I was also just coming from a trip to South Korea. However, the tripper that I am, it didn't take long for me to make a decision to say yes and join them. The flight to Puerto Prinsesa is the same day as my arrival from South Korea. So I basically had to go home after arriving, pick another set of bag, full of new set of clothes and toiletries and then jet-off once more to the paradise called El Nido. I was full of excitement for another journey.

Day 1

The flight to Puerto Prinsesa is in the afternoon but I left the house around 1pm to make sure I'm not late. I only had a back pack with me since we didn't avail of the luggage check-in option.

So off we go and arrived in Puerto Prinsesa almost 6 or 7pm. We stayed in a nice hostel in Puerto Prinsesa. We were hungry and need to get dinner so we head to Kinabuchs to get something to eat and meet with some  Couchsurfers in the area. I did try their well known exotic food, see below photo.

After dinner, we head to the baywalk that they call it to take some relaxing stroll.

We decided to head home and rest as we plan to head to the Butterfly Farm the next day and perhaps explore other sites nearby before we meet the rest of the group arriving in the afternoon.

Day 2

We head to the Butterfly Farm which is a jeepney away. We first decided to eat at Bona's for their nice tasting noodles and bread.

After Butterfly Farm, one of the locals suggested we also go to Baker's Hill, so we did. I liked this place as it has very nicely decorated houses and Christmas ornaments. We thought we wanted to go back to this place after we've been to El Nido.

There was a souvenir shop in Baker's Hill as well to get more pasalubong.

In the afternoon we met the rest of the group and we had lunch again at Bona's. They also wanted to try their tasty meal.

After that we all head to a rough ride to El Nido town. We had a time to get some rest as well.

One of my CS friend's family owns a resort in El Nido and gladly hosted us for the next few days.

We had a nice dinner at night and headed for some drinks.

Day 3

We go island hopping. I didn't take note of the islands we went to but as far as I can remember we had the Island Hopping tour A

Day 4

Another island hopping day. It's Tour B this time.

Day 5

We had a visit to our friends Grandma and in the afternoon head to the falls. And later that day is our flight back to Manila.

Whew! El Nido is such a wonderful place. I may want to go back when I get the chance. But for now, I'll happily reminisce this sweet paradise thru my photos.

I'll list the details and brief itinerary of this trip on my next post!