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Tips 'n Travels Bucket List

Well, just joining the bandwagon of other bloggers with their personal bucket list.

Someone said you have to write these on a physical paper but since I want to save paper and ink ( Save the planet Earth or I'm just being lazy!) then I'm just posting it here.

Well, it's a mix of everything personal, family, career, travel and all sorts of crazy stuff I want to try and do when I get the chance.

Here you go, hopefully I get to start ticking them one by one in no particular order.

Share yours too! It would be cool to find out these little dreams and wishes.

1. Get a driver's license

  • (07 July 2012) Got my student license. I'll get the non-pro soon!

2. Drive my own car

  • (24 Nov 2012) I'm still lazy to learn but I'm soon getting there since I now have the brochure from A-1
  • (09 Apr 2013) Have driven the Innova and Altis. Total of 3 times practice drive.

3. Travel solo from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao

  • (27 Mar to 1 Apr 2013) Batanes on a solo trip!

4. Travel to at least one country in each of the 7 continents ( Yeah, goodluck with Antartica!) Well I've been to Asia and Australia. Hopefully next will be Europe and North America! :D

5. Swim with the Butandings

6. Have an overseas trip with my family

7. Go on a solo trip overseas - I feel like heading to Greece or Egypt alone

8. Attain a Lakbayan grade of A

9. Visit Googleplex, Silicon Valley and Kennedy Space Station

10. Get a scholarship for a masteral degree overseas

  • Planning to do it in 2014!

Haha this is just a start. I will soon add more! ;)