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Sunday, February 27, 2011

SG Day 5: A Day with the Animals in SG Zoo

It's our last whole day out in Singapore. We were actually deciding the night before on where we head to for our  very last tour. Our options were Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and the Snow Town and Techno Park.

We picked Singapore Zoo, since it's the easiest for us to reach and explore knowing that we won't have any guides to assist us. We were given some instructions by Aimee (our transient host) to take a bus to Ang Mo Kio station and then from Ang Mo Kio we board another bus headed straight to the Singapore Zoo. That seems to be easy and we made our way to the zoo in no time.

Lining up for Bus 138
The travel took us around 45 mins to an hour. There isn't much traffic and our journey was straight forward.

We arrived at the zoo just in time for lunch.

SG Day 4: Life's a Beach @ Sentosa

Thank God for weekends! I now finally have the time to think and write about the remaining days we've spent in S'pore.

Our 4th day was scheduled for our beach trip to Sentosa Island. The previous day was such a blast that we were so tired we decided to take it easy on our fourth day. We decided to wake up just a bit late to get our bodies well rested.

We probably left the apartment around 10-11pm and then head down to Sentosa Island. We arrived almost lunch time so we decided to get our tummies some filling first before we head around the beach!

On our way to board the monorail to Sentosa

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Tags from KLM and a chance to win an IPad

As usual, I'm such a fan of freebies and contests so here I'm just sharing the news from KLM!

Last time I was able to get a luggage tag from them. It may not be the best quality but what the heck! hehe

Now, aside from the free tag, they've come with something an IPad for the tag with the highest votes...

And I'm hoping you'll like mine :) Do vote for it and help me win! :D

Click to Vote for My KLM Tag

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take Action + Earth Hour + Lights Off

Earth hour once again! Not many know how this event was that close to my heart. I was in Sydney and was one of those who voluntarily participated by turning off my lights, the first time it was launched and was then called Lights Off Australia. It may be that small of a thing but I'm sure it creates a big change if many of these small things take action!

And now it was good to see it as being a global event! I'm getting a banner up the top as you can see to promote the event happening on the 26th of March. Wherever you are especially at home, turn off lights at 8:30 pm for at least an hour!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tips N' Travels has a Facebook Page

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, friends and countrymen, my very own travel blog now has a Facebook Page! Yay!

Please 'Like' so you easily get updates with the latest post from my blog through to your Facebook Wall! :D

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SG-KL Day 3: Sight Seeing Koala?

So on our third day, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur to get a glimpse of Malaysia. After getting off from the bus, we have yet to board a taxi to take us to the city center where Petronas Towers is found. We arrived around 6am. We are tired and sleepy but we are so ready to take on the day and go up the tower around KL.

The Petronas Towers - 6AM
We were a bit hungry we initially decided to find the nearest McDonald's to have our breakfast. But decided we head first to the toilet and clean up ourselves. Good thing the building is already open and we had a bit of time to freshen up.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SG Day 2: I'm a Kid Again and Wish I am Still

So here we continue one of the most lovable parts of our Singapore Trip. After the previous day going around the city, our legs still sore, we still manage to brave the road leading to Universal Studios Singapore! And alas, I felt so young again! LOL

So we left the house around 9 and headed to the MRT station again to Harbourfront. From Harbourfront we walk up to the Vivo City mall and to the monorail station to take us to Sentosa.

Wall Art

I don't have to say alot but I've enjoyed it so much that I plan to go back. HAHAHA

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SG Day 1: Of Kopi and Kaya Toast

By the way, the transient house we are staying for the next 5 days is owned by Filipina named Aimee (with her family of course). She has two rooms for rent. The place is walking distance from the hawker and to Compass Point mall which is adjacent to Sengkang MRT Station. Sengkang is in the Purple Line of the MRT so it goes direct to the Harbourfront, the place we head to for Universal Studios on our second day. Overall, I think the place is just the right choice not as busy as the city and definitely homey!

The block at Anchorvale

Between 9-10 am our guides for the day arrived and we head to the hawker for breakfast.

One of the things I love in SG is their Kopi and Kaya Toast, which served to be my breakfast for the day at the nearby hawker called Kopitiam. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask the lady for milk. hehe But nonetheless, I enjoyed my Kopi :)

Enjoying my S'porean Brekkie

Prologue: The Long Wait is Over

I feel so guilty not having started my blog about my recent trip to Singapore. So even if I haven't organized my thoughts yet I'll give it a shot and hopefully remember what has happened in the five days that we spent going around and enjoying the amazing sights around the Lion City.

Angge, Myself, Ize and Camille - Just arrived in SG

At a later stage I will compile as usual my expenses thru my post-accounting blog and also add the itinerary for this trip to help out those who are still planning to visit SG!

So what are we waiting for...

I've booked this trip around April of 2010. There was a promo (what else?) from Cebu Pacific. I was still unsure who I'll be travelling with but I knew right then and there I want to book any international flight for 2011. I've sent text messages to people I know who might like to join. And yay, I found them! My high school servicemates - Camille, Angge and Ize. We all come from the same high school and it was early 2010 when we all meet again after 9-10 years? Oh was it that long? Over dinner and drinks we decided we wanted to plan a trip for us servicemates as soon as we are able to find any promo fares. And there it here and there and we are booked for Singapore on the last week of January of 2011.

The wait is tough but it was all worth it. We tried to plan as much as we can. Reserve and find accommodations. Prepare the activities we wanted to try. It was definitely a trip worth remembering. I for the most part was really excited I made some computations and itineraries for the trip. I loved doing it!

We made online booking of our Universal Studios Tickets. We decided we wanted to go to Malaysia for a day to check out the Petronas Towers so we booked a one way bus from SG to Kuala Lumpur. The bus ticket have also been booked online.

Days and months passed until we realised we are a few weeks from our flight. I wasn't too excited around Christmas time and New year since I was kind of busy thinking so much about work...haha but 2 weeks to go and it got me up and running for excitement. We need a hotel or a transient house to stay. I had to ask around and consult with my servicemates where we can possible stay. I then finally found one online. It's a transient house in Sengkang for 18SGD per person per day. It should be cheaper than hotels I suppose so we took it. I managed to reserve the next day by depositing thru a bank. So everything's set. I only need the SG dollars for my pocket money! Hahaha Good thing a relative of mine just came back from SG that day we are about to leave so I bought her dollars :)

We are meeting up 5pm and altogether head to the airport. Thanks to Angge's tito for driving us to Terminal 3.

We arrived before 7pm and since the check in counter is not yet open, we then decided to grab something to eat. We head to the 2nd floor of the airport where the food court is and bought Jollibee burgers hehe.

Boarding Pass looking like a receipt

After the dinner, we went to check in. We had to wait a while in queue and go around to pay terminal fees and departure tax as usual. Passed by the immigration and around 8pm we are ready to go to the boarding gates.

Within an hour or two we arrived safely in Singapore - The Lion City!

Next blog documents Day 1 -  with only 3 hours of sleep we head to our walking tour of the city! Props to our guides who kindly assisted us ;) (Harold and Kuya Joey)