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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great Travelers Garage Sale

I'm so glad to be part of the first ever Great Travelers Garage Sale. It was an idea by the Sole Sisters Lois and Chi Chi which gathers like minded travelers hoping to fund their next travel pursuit, the idea of the garage sale seems a good idea to kick start our goals.

The garage sale featured wonderful items like clothes, shoes, slippers, books, bags and all sort of stuff from fellow travelers. The sale started morning and lasted until afternoon.

I was able to sell my old canon camera, some lanyards, the bangles and a pen!

Here are some photos. Thanks to WeAreSoleSisters for coming up with this. I think we are cooking up another one, soon I hope! To Monette of Flip 'n Travels for hosting the garage sale in their humble home and to those who also dropped by! Til the next one!

Shoes for sale!

Aileen and Mallow visits me at the garage

Gian, a fellow couchsurfer also dropped by and gave me a gift!

Happy shoppers

Paul, Monette, Tito Ed and Gian

Sorting out stuff

Bags, books, clothes

Accessories and Books on display

These cute purses for 100 pesos

Lovely shoes!

A buyer checks out the clothes

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Tadpole-shaped Fortress called Corregidor Island

The main reason for traveling to Corregidor Island is for our group's team building which happened way back around March of 2010. Aside from the fact that we get to bond with each other, it was great and interesting to find the amazing sights and stories behind the once defense fortress during the World War II.

The Tadpole-shaped Corregidor Island

The experience was a mix of sadness, creepiness and pride. Anyhow, it was definitely a trip worth doing. You can either take a day trip or if you fancy discovering the island further, I suggest spend an overnight stay. There's so many activities to do. There is only one hotel in the island unless you are the adventurous type, you can pitch a tent as well. When we went there, a group of photography students were also in the area and they stayed near the beach and slept in their tents. Cool eh!

From Wikipedia:

During World War II, Corregidor played an important role during the invasion and liberation of the Philippines from Japanese forces. Heavily bombarded in the latter part of the war, the ruins left on the island serves as a military memorial to several American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers who served or lost their lives on the island. Corregidor is one of the important historic and tourist sites in the country.

If you haven't been to Corregidor, these are the top sites I really found interesting and I'm sure you will find them capturing your hearts and soul too:

1. Malinta Tunnel
    Because our group availed of the day tour in Corregidor all these sights are part of their usual itinerary. So the first stop is the Malinta Tunnel. We were actually wondering why it was named such. And true to our guesses, this tunnel used to be housed with leeches or 'linta' in Tagalog.

    The Malinta tunnel used to be the hiding spot during the war.

    We walked accross the tunnel and inside there's a light and sound presentation.

Lights and sound presentation

Quite creepy actually walking inside the tunnel

Can you imagine the time when soldiers kept this place as refuge?

Entrance to Malinta Tunnel

2. Filipino Heroes Memorial

    This spot is a vast space with murals and statues and served as a memorial ground for our fallen soldiers who fought during the war.

3. Japanese Garden of Peace

4. World War II Bldgs

    We passed by and took the opportunity to taking photos at this ruined building. Actually, there some more buildings around the area which are almost destroyed like this one on the photo.

5. Battery grounds

    The battery grounds refer to these spots with cannons and mortars. It was amazing to walk thru the paths. I can feel that kind of chill to imagine those day during the war.

6. Pacific War Memorial

    There was a nice museum at this area. You will find different artifacts during the war. It's interesting to see these as well.

    Marker of the Pacific War Memorial

At the far end from the marker is a solar powered 'Eternal Flame'. I'm not sure if it did light up.

7. Corregidor Lighthouse

 Some of our group went up the lighthouse. The view was stunning

8. Remains of the hospital

    Some of us actually dreaded to to this site. Knowing it was a hospital but still didn't survive the war, we all knew well, lots of people could have also died instantly during those times.

    We still got the chance to go up the building even thought it seems it's gonna break up any moment.

    For some reasons, this was one of the site that gave me a little chilly feeling. I don't know why.

9. Sunset

    I forgot the spot where we caught a glimpse of the sunset. But from this site you will also be able to catch the smaller island named Caballo Island.

10. Night Lateral Tour of Malinta Tunnel

     Of course, this would have to be the scariest part! After a day of going around the island, part of the tour is the Night Lateral Tour of the tunnel. It's an exciting and at the same time scary. We had to wear head gear as we had to crawl into small passages. 

I won't spoil the fun to those who haven't been there so I will not give too much details. But I suggest do this tour if you happen to be in Corregidor and will be spending the night.

and there's more attractions you can discover around the island...

South Beach

A chapel in Corregidor

This is my second entry so far for the monthly Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival. This month's theme is "Dark Tourism: Philippines in Focus" hosted by Gael of  The Pinay Solo Backpacker