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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On the Hunt for Brunei Souvenirs

To continue on with our first day in Brunei...

Okay, so after heading to the Royal Palace, we stopped over the adjacent river to get some refreshing views. Our driver mentioned that just recently a crocodile was spotted in this river and have killed someone. So sad. And scary so don't go near this river...haha

Anyhow, we still enjoyed a bit of rest and just ate some snacks I brought along with me.

Someone's fishing
Our next stop is the Jerudong Park.

Just had a quick look
Jerudong Park was the well-known theme park in Brunei. From my research it seems it was free entry then, but later on was closed and have just opened again recently. I have read some posts that it was not maintained as it was before. Since Nichole was already looking tired we already skipped the trip around Jerudong.

We then head to the Mall to finally get our much needed souvenirs and pasalubong!

The Mall in Gadong
It's no special mall I guess. We didn't really find the souvenirs we were looking for :(

Just like Phils...hehe
We walked around to find out if there were any other souvenir shops. But didn't find one. Sam on the other hand found a nice sheep bag and bought it.

Since we didn't find anything from the mall we hopped into the night market nearby which is just about to open that afternoon. There are all sorts of food and they look yummy!

Take your pick!
Sam grabbed her fresh sugar cane juice!

Kuya picking the best sugarcane!
Ok since we were still unlucky to find our souvenirs, our driver sent us to another mall to check.

The Giant Mall
We went around the mall but still didn't find good souvenirs. So we just decided to go get some snacks from the grocery. After that we took our dinner at KFC.

It was almost 7pm when we left the mall as it was already dark and head back home.

It was a fulfilling day having been to the sights in the city and it was convenient we have rented the service car to take us around as transportation by bus is quite a challenge.

Brunei is probably one of the most relaxed countries. No traffic. Kind people. Free entrance to the museums. We enjoyed the museum actually! There are so many Pinoys. Every corner I'm sure there's one.

So we capped off the night with some chit chat with our host and the next day we planned to go to Labuan, Malaysia.

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