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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Close to the real thing...

If you wanna to go some place overseas but you can't because of money, time and what not''s my tip...

Search it in Google Maps and check out the Street View...Hahaha

Makes me closer to the real thing...

Use the round navigation button, you'll find the Pacific Highway. I remember the cold mornings I would walk up the sidewalks to the bus station to get to work.

To complete my online traveling spree, I just move to the points forward the highway til I get to North Sydney or the other side to Chatswood.

This one is the apartment I stayed at during my stay in Sydney: 

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

CS Manila @ The Postal Heritage & Nature Trail Walking Tour

Once again, I was able to join the rest of the Manila CS'ers for another tour around the metro.

This time its the 'Free Postal Heritage & Nature Trail Walking Tour'. Thanks to Cath for posting up the details and a lot of the Manila CS'ers have signed up.

It was held on 15th of August. The attendees met up near the fountain area of the Liwasang Bonifacio, which actually just infront of the Manila Post Office Building.

It started to rain around 1pm but this didn't stop us. We head to the Metropolitan Theater on foot. We got inside and explored the old building. It was a pity to see this building was once a great venue during the Marcos regime. But now, it's left out and ignored. I hope it could be revived again. Sayang talaga.

The group then headed to the Arroceros Park and walked a few meters to get a view of the Pasig River.

CS Manila @ Arroceros Park

We passed by the Bonifacio Monument then back the Postal Office. There was an interesting talk about stamp collections, an exhibit and a stamp bidding session.

CS Manila @ The Manila Post Office

We also had free snacks after the talk. As the group was quite hungry, we all decided to continue the day with a food trip at Wai Ying, a Chinese Resto. I ordered the Soy Chicken Rice for my very late lunch.

After that, we dropped by a Chinese Grocery Stor and Eng Bing Ten to get different flavoured hopia, mochinos and the yummy looking kiamoy coated with glazed sugar. I liked it!

I forgot what time we went home, but it was a nice day to check out new places and meet-up new faces as well. Til the next CS Tour!

Photocredits: CS @ Postoffice from Arch David, CS @ Arroceros Park from Cath Iblan

Tips 'n Travels Top 10: Places I would love to visit

Just right about now, I've finally thought about what my first top ten would be.

As the title suggests, it would be the places I wish to visit in the future, so good luck to me and my budget! These will be a mix of domestic and international destinations that really captured my interest. They could be yours too, so read on!

Because they would come in no particular order, I wouldn't put numbers on them. hehe

Melbourne, Australia

This is a very interesting building - it's actually a train station!

The Great Ocean Road - really ROCKS!

It's been more than a year since I have been to Aussie. In my next trip to the land down under, I plan to explore outside Sydney. I want to check out Melbourne, Canberra and Queensland. But I would probably still drop by Syndey for sure!

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

White water rafting looks fun!

I've been wanting to go to at least one place in Mindanao. I was thinking of either Davao or this. But because CDO's white water rafting and Camiquin's wonderful beach looks really amazing, then I am adding it to my list. I'm looking forward to go there in the next few months especially there are more and more airfare promos!

Batanes, Philippines

Beautiful - I could stare at this all day!

I used to read an article before about Batanes. And it to me it's like an Irish country side when you see the pictures! I was really interested to visit this and check out the simple life out there up the tip of the Philippine Islands!


Hello Statue of Liberty!

If given the opportunity, I would really love to explore all the states of USA! I've read a lot of those places and seen in movies too! San Francisco, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, name it!

Vatican City

I might cry if I get to see the Pope - would be a dream come true
I want to see the Pope and where he lives! There's something about the place, all the well-known structures and history of this place. It has captured me really especially when I read the Dan Brown novel!


So here's where the real slim shady is!

The interesting stories about vampire Dracula and the castles made me choose this! But I'm very sure there's more than those that this could offer!


Buckingham Palace
I'm hoping to see Prince William haha!

New Zealand

Need I say more!
 I want to see the Frodo Baggins! LOL Seriously, the mountains capped in ice is so so beautiful!


I'm speechless...

Reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert has inspired me to go to Italy, learn Italian and eat the best tasting pizza!


Speechless again...

I have been so fascinated by the structures of the pyramids and sphinx so yes, I would love to see them in my own eyes!

So there you go! What do you think? I wish I could visit them as soon as possible! But really there's a lot of them in the list...

NOTE: Photos are not mine. No copy right infringement intended.

Bohol, we're coming!

Finally, me and my sister are bound for Bohol this September. We chose to stay at Dumaluan Beach Resort after more than a month of searching and reading reviews. Hopefully it's a great place!

I've read some reviews that Dumaluan Beach is better than Alona Beach in Panglao, so we'll have to find that out.

We are also doing the Country Tour with the usual touristy stuff in Bohol...I'm looking forward to see the Chocolate Hills, The Tarsiers and the Loboc River Cruise!

I actually didn't plan much for this trip 'coz we are getting the package tour din and I'm just so preoccupied these days haha!

Pinanlalakihan mo ba ako ng mata?
I also hope we can get to capture this kind of pic too of the tarsier!

Photo credit:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miles for Smiles Run Event

Next week on Sunday, I will be running again with some SST colleagues.

This time it is for another good cause too! Miles for Smiles is a run for a cause event for the cleft care patients.

I've always wanted to run for some cause. I just feel that in some simple ways my running not only benefits myself but also others especially those who really needs it. One impression some people have is that run for a cause events are not organised i'm hoping this one should be better or at least will not fail our expectations of a good run event.

I didn't actually realise running could be really fun. I used to think I could just be again wasting time and just exhausting myself. But it isn't. Like any other fun activity or sports, running makes myself feel lighter and minimise the effects of stress. Haha stressed talaga?

I know i'm just starting and there's more events to join. Its also fun when you run with friends and afterwards share pictures and other stories. Lootbags are just an extra but of course we all want to go home with a stuffed bag too!

Like any other people who run, I also want the event organised. I think, RunRio organised events are the well known and really gathers a lot of following.

I have to agree. The Rexona Run on the 1st of August was perfect. The marshalls, drinks, paths, directions, lootbags, everything is just all in place and coordinated. And all of us did enjoy the event.

So what are you waiting for? Takbo lang nang takbo! Haha

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Watching time go by at LSGH

Wala ako magawa haha so I decided I write a blog on my mobile...toinks
Well, i'm here at lsgh, waiting for my cuz finish his basketball training. I should have brought my book and perhaps finished it. I'm actually close to finishing Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is a good book. I actually got interested in reading it when I saw the trailer of the movie which also stars Julia Roberts. If you love to travel and discover the happiness that life brings, then you should try and get this book. I especially like the part where the author told about her great time in Italy. I tell myself, perhaps one day I'd also visit those places in try and enjoy the best tasting pizza! Oh if only we have all the luxury of time...haha how nice to day dream in a basketball gym LOL

Ok,so i see these little kids and other big kiddos dribbling and doing their warm ups.

When I was younger or until now, I've not really been so active in sports. But I do know that I was once a basketball fanatic during my gradeschool years and during college.

Who wouldn't be awed by the greatest fights of the Ginebra vs Alaska...well that was during my time. I dont know really how we started liking it. Maybe because back then we do watch alot of tv. And tv is like a part f everyday ritual. Everyone from my titas and titos,my lola and lolo organise ourselves in places and off we enjoy the games. The family is also a big fan of wrestling thanks to my fanatic lolo we all came to know the great hulk hogan, bret hart and the rest. Each of us has favorites but sometime down the road we also got less interested when we grew up and internet was the more appealing media.

During college, it was easy for us to support our school team. I remember one game of Admu vs. Ust. Well, as a big fan of admu too we really had to wait till they finish dressing up (that was almost 2 hrs) after the game, to get their signatures and also some photo op. Adik eh! And we'd always try and watch ust games on tv too. The cheering competition were our most awaited uaap event. Sympre, we'd support The Salinggawi noh! We always love watching and if i remember there's just 1 or two seasons we missed. We would even queue early in the morning just to get our GA tickets. Imagine! Thats's already the GA ticket...we dont care na as long as we get the tickets and watch the dance and cheers! We just love how it all plays out. The crowd it always awesome and full of energy...ang saya din magcheer at makipag asaran.

Oh how I miss those times...

Yes, it's almost a quarter to two haha...2 hours to go...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tips 'n Travels Top 10

Tips 'n Travels Top 10
It was raining a bit this afternoon and I wasn't in the right mood to really go out on a Sunday. I just finished doing up a video for someone and now I'm left again in front of my laptop and thinking what could I right this time for this blog.

I know I promised myself I'd continue writing up about the places I've been to during my previous travels but I'm also not into it this time. I've thought of coming up with something to spice up my blog even though not that many read it. haha!

I'm thinking of doing my own Top 10. Probably a list of places and tips that I can share based from my experiences or some sites I come across. So let's see.

What would be the debut Top 10 for Tips 'n Travels...

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

My 2nd Run Event: Rexona Run 2010-08-01

Yay! I'm happy to share that I've had my second run event. And so far, it has been getting better.

I woke up at 3:30am from my mobile alarm. Had breakfast and head to Mall of Asia.

I met up with my SST colleagues. This is my 2nd time to run the 3K route with Eva.

After a few 30++ minutes of mostly running, well, we had to walk a few times so we don't get so exhausted, we finally reached the finish line! I'm so happy because I feel we've finished it earlier that we did in Ace Run!

There's a lot of booths, the loot bags were organized, photo vendo and other freebies. It's definitely another successful and fun run for me and my collegues!

So off to my next run event - FINEX Run on 12th of September! Woohoo!