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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scramble on a Scorching Summer Day!

Last Saturday was the 3rd edition of CouchSurfing Manila's Summer Scramble. It is my second time to join the race and I'm proud to say that from a running of 11th last year, our team placed 7th this time. It's not bad at all to think we are not really experts on Metro Manila directions and transportation options and routes. At least we finished and we survived!

Great time with great people, great places and great smiles!

With the scorching heat of the summer sun, together with ten more teams, the CS Manila teams made their way around the metro once again. Summer Scramble isn't only a race to win but also get you the chance to explore historical and note-worthy sites to tour around. Could not believe my eyes when I saw how magnificent San Sebastian Church was, that I'm planning to visit it again!

All-Metal San Sebastian Church

My feet were sore, legs are tired, limbs almost numb but nonetheless it's one of the CS Manila activities I will always love to join and  look forward to.

My team, Victorious Secret, is composed of myself, Sam, Des and Ric (as substitute for Chad). Like any other team, we had a great time figuring out the clues and running around even if we are half sure of where we are going.

Team Victorious Secret

Anyway, here I proceed with the highlights of the race.

Well the starting point is at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. When I knew about the starting point I immediately checked it up on Google. I then realised it was the park our family used to go to for picnics when we were young. I can't believe it's been years that I haven't been to the place and it just definitely feels nostalgic as I remember the times we spent there.

The park is located near QC Circle which was the starting point on our previous scramble. I didn't want to be late so I left early and arrived at the park around 8.30 am. There weren't too many people as yet, mostly the volunteers.

Everybody getting ready

An hour passed until everyone was ready. It was great to see new and familiar faces. We had photo op and stuff. By 10 am we were given the first clue and we are off the scramble adventure!

We ran and grabbed train, jeepney, tricycle and pedicab to get us to the different pit stops.

From Betty-Go-Belmonte station >> Anonas Station >> Chico St. >> Santolan Station >> Marikina Shoe Museum >> San Sebastian Church >> Chowking UN Ave for Lunch >> Asilo de San Vicente De Paul >> Paco Park >> National Museum >> Final stop at Letran College in Intramuros

Wheeeew! I'm out of breath! Haha But I loved it! In fact, if you plan to tour a friend in Manila you can try this itinerary for a change and a different view of the city! Half of it we used the LRT purple line so it was cool...

Can't wait for the next one...

I extend my thanks to my team and of course the big effort from the volunteers headed by our CS Ambassador Ronnie. It couldn't have been any better without their great preparation :) Thanks CS! And of course Congratulations to the winners!

CS Manila Summer Scramble 3rd Edition Family Picture!
Photo credits: I've grabbed some of the pics from Tito Ed, Ric & Floyd - thanks!


  1. You should have consulted us at or for routes and directions :)

  2. @Metro Manila Directions: thanks for that tip! next year I'll be ready and consult your site...thanks!

  3. Sounds like you had fun! Too bad I wasn't able to join this time. We would have won haha

  4. @Aleah: Yeah! Onga! It was fun as always! Excited na ulit ako for 'midnight scramble' daw haha

  5. getting me more curious of the CS Scramble..hhhmmmm...maybe next year? hehe

  6. @Mhe-anne Ojeda: Hi! By all means join the scramble next year! You'll definitely enjoy it :)

  7. 3rd edition na pala to, just learned about it now :) looks lotsa fun!

  8. @lakwatsera de primera: join us next edition! :)

  9. ayan, napapaisip ako on whether i should make an entry about CS Mla SS. was already thinking about it. ;)

  10. @cath: go lang! :) the more the merrier hehe


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