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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brunei Trip Day 2

We are supposed to get up at 6am and leave the house with our host, so he can take us to the ferry terminal where we can catch the ferry to Labuan. Unfortunately, we overslept and woke up almost 7:30am and he is already bound for work. So we decided to just catch the last ferry before noon probably by 11:30am.

So we left the house and waited a while for a bus. It took a while for us to get one. A purple bus #38 then arrived and we asked if it can drop us off to the ferry terminal. Fortunately, the driver is Pinoy and gave us the directions. We actually have to take another bus from the terminus - #33. While waiting, we decided to get something to eat from the nearby shops. I had a quick bite on the crab stick. Sam and Nichole had banan pie and ice-cold Milo.

Getting our snacks

A few minutes passed by and the bus #33 has arrived. We boarded the bus and off to the ferry terminal. What an unlucky day, there wasn't any 11:30 ferry and the next ferry is already at 3pm. It turned out there is only a 7am, 8:30 am and 9 am ferry to Labuan. We thought of what or where else to do for that day. We then made a quick decision to head to Temburong.

Serasa Ferry Terminal

Entrance to the Immigration

Inside the bus

So we went back to the terminal and took the bus to Temburong. We caught another bus #39 that will drop us at the boat terminal to get the boat to Temburong.

It was almost 12pm when we left for Temburong. The boat ride was nice and relaxed us a bit in that very hot day. The river was like the one in Bohol actually. The water is brown and there are mangrove trees (I think) along the sides. The trip to Temburong took an hour but I didn't mind since I enjoyed getting a quick nap.

Inside the speed boat

Sign board welcoming us to Temburong

Welcome to Temburong!

Car park next to the tourist office

Finally we arrived. We went to the Tourist information centre to ask some directions and if any tours are still available. However, there are no half day tours. The tourist information officer gave us some brochures instead and asked us to write on the log book. Hopefully we can go back to check out the national park - either on a day tour or an overnight. It looks really fun in the leaflets he showed us!

Since there is nothing left to do anyway, it was lunch time and we are hungry. We went to a nearby shop to get something to eat.

The menu

After lunch, we head back to the terminal to catch the last ferry back to Bandar terminal.

The boat terminal in Bandar

Since we still have time in the afternoon, we thought of heading to some malls to get our souvenirs. After waiting again for a while no bus came. Until another local has offered to take us to the bus terminal where we can catch the right bus going to the mall. I can definitely say, Bruneians are very nice and helpful :) So we took Bus number 1 as he suggested which will take us to the Mall.

Little did we know that the Mall is the mall we already been to the previous day. Since we have already walked around that mall we instead walked around other shops around it. Unfortunately we still didn't find the souvenirs we are hoping to get. We should have just gotten the ones in the Royal Museum.

The mosque - while on our way home

Some road directions

We were ready to head home and have our rest. Hopefully next day we will be able to go to Labuan, Malaysia.


  1. I miss B$1 Nasi Katok! When we went to Brunei about 2 years ago, a CSer gave us a tour. We loved Brunei, but we can hardly wait to border cross to Malaysia because everything's cheaper there. Haha!

  2. @Pinay Travel Junkie: Hi Gaye, oh yes! I think I must have read your post about Brunei actually :) Brunei is lovely and the locals are really nice...but yes,goods are not as cheap as in Malaysia!

  3. We might drop by at Brunie this September on the way to Malaysian Borneo, How's the night life here?

  4. @lakwatsera de primera: We really didn't explore the night life when we were there. But I think it's not that common in Brunei. I believe they usually go out of Brunei for that...


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