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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Stop @ Kinder Zoo

Last Sunday I got the chance to visit Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle. I would have to thank Lynn and Totto, two of my CS friends, for inviting me for their daughter's baby shower! It was a unique place to gather for such a celebration, so even if I wasn't quite sure how I'd get there, I still made my way to visit them and to welcome their soon to be born baby!

It was a cute place. You can interact with some of the animals around Kinder Zoo!

What's nice is there is also a Kiddie Pool inside. So perfect for the little ones who loves to swim or take a refresher on a hot sunny day!

It was but a quick trip but hoping I'll be back as I haven't gone to the rest of the Zoo. Kinder Zoo is actually within Manila Zoo! And it's been a while since I've been there.

Visit Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle and experience a different kind of animal interaction and fun, because I did! For a very affordable entrance fee you will get to enjoy a day of fun with the animals! :)

The Kiddie Pool...not only for kids but also for Kids at Heart!



Long lost cousin?

It's really huge!

Mr. Ostrich

Some bird interaction

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