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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brunei Trip 2011 Day 1

On our first day we've planned to go around the city and check out the usual attractions around Brunei.

Before leaving we had some photo op as well around the house. It was a nice and very relaxing home actually.

The bar counter

The living room

We started our day with a brunch at a nearby Italian resto, just some walking distance from where our host lives. The complex is named Aman Complex.

Aman Complex

We entered Picolo Fratini restaurant and we were greeted with a nice Filipino waiter. We then ordered calzone and spaghetti. The food was great and the calzone is just huge!

While eating our meal we had a bit of a chitchat with Sabrin. We asked where else we can go from Brunei because we are planning to go either Malaysia or Kalimantan. He then suggested we head to Labuan, Malaysia which can reached conveniently via ferry from one of Brunei's ports.

Photo op with Picolo Fratini employees
After our wonderful brunch, we went to start our journey. We are supposed to catch a bus, but after few minutes waiting a car has stopped in front of us. The driver talked to us in Filipino and offered us to drive us to the mosque. Later, he offered us to tour around Brunei so it will be more convenient for us to go around. We agreed with the price - I'll note it with my post accounting.

So off we went to the different sights!

Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

The Royal Barge

You have to dress like this when entering the mosque

The Water Village - Kampong Ayer

Inside the Royal Museum - walking barefoot

Front of the museum bldg

Taken @ Jame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

Fountain Area

Front gates of the Royal Residence

That's the first half of the first day. I'll continue with the rest next week :)

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