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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brunei Trip 2011 Day 3

As promised, our plan for our third day is to head to Labuan, Malaysia. This time we already set ourselves to get up early to avoid missing the ferry! We left the house quarter past 8 in the morning. For a while we waited for a bus, until we gave up and found another local offer us a ride to the ferry terminal for 20 BND, as we have no choice than be late again we agreed.

Malaysian Ringgits

Ferry Ticket

Before 8:30 we arrived,  in time. With just enough time to buy tickets and exchange some currencies to Ringgits. Yes, because we are actually heading to a different country we need new currencies. After a few minutes we headed to immigration and off on a ferry to Labuan. The ride takes about an hour, ao I just slept the whole time.

Our ferry arriving in Labuan

Photo op upon arrival at Labuan Port

Arriving in Labuan is nice. The immigration is straightforward. There are duty free shops as well with very cheap chocolates! We enjoyed looking at the chocolates and finding some cheap finds.

Here are the photos I took while going around.

Since we are hungry already because we didn't have breakfast, went to get a cab to bring us to any resort where we can swim and east. The cab driver had to charge us 50 RM unfortunately.

Anyways, we arrived at Manikar Beach Resort to finally get some lunch and a dip in their pool. It was quite nice as there are no people around haha. It's like the hotel is left for us to enjoy.

Be warned!

Swimming na!

Very nice pool!

My mug of COFFEE!

Nice resort, accommodating staff!
So we ordered lunch. I had a six piece chicken wings and rice. Sam had curry while Nichole took the mushroom soup.

After the fulfilling lunch Nichole and myself head to the pool for some refreshing swim.

Before that we went to check the beach, however, we were alarmed to see a warning that jelly fish could sometimes be in sight. So we got scared and just settled in the nice pool.

Entrance to Manikar Beach Resort

After an hour or so, we decided to pack up and head back to Brunei.

Jumbo mushroom



We took the 2nd to last ferry just to be sure which is at 3pm. We were finally back in the house at 6pm.

Since it's our last day in Brunei, we arranged to have dinner with our host, Prosper, that night. So we waited until he arrived, and he drove us to the night market to get the food. We had fun checking out the cheap food in the Gadong night market. Most of the stuff sell for 1 BND. That dinner we had cost us only 7BND. hehe

Food shopping

So we went back to the house and had dinner.

Since our flight is still at 2pm we just decided to rest and relax, check out facebook while waiting. Prosper offered to take us to the airport which was really nice.

We bid our host good bye and thanked him for welcoming us in his really wonderful couch!

It was a great vacation for me, Sam and Nichole and what a wonderful first CouchSurfing experience overseas...just can't wait for the next one! haha

Jollibee at the airport


  1. couchsurfing is really interesting, something I would like to try as well one day :)

  2. @lakwatsera de primera: yes, it's definitely something you should try one day. It's really a nice learning experience, discover not only the place but also the people :)


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