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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brunei & My First Overseas CouchSurfing Experience

Honestly, Brunei was really not in my list of places to go to hehe. However, last December a nice friend of mine from CouchSurfing told me that there's a promo fare to Brunei c/o Cebu Pacific. For a while I thought if I should go. Until I realised, why not. We both have been talking about planning an overseas trip together and finally get that real experience of CouchSurfing. So then I've made the booking in less than an hour.

Sam, Nichole and Myself - waiting for boarding

Just arrived in Brunei

Our flight to Brunei is on the night of 23rd April - Black Saturday. I for one, is worried I'd be late so I left the house at 6:45 pm. The streets barely had cars so I was able to reach the airport before 7:30pm. I was so early for our 11pm flight. I sufficed myself instead with a dinner at Hen Lin while waiting for Sam and Nichole.

The three of us waited with much anticipation. Once we reach Brunei we'll be hosted by Prosper from CS Brunei. He was actually referred by another Cs'r from Brunei - Yani. Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet up with Yani during our stay to personally thank her for the great help in suggesting us a host.

So arrived in Brunei at around 1am, got through immigration and changed some of our currencies to Brunei Dollars. Then meet up with our host who was there just right on time.

His house is just a few minutes drive from the airport. Since we are sleepy we went up to our bed to get some rest.

We woke up in the morning and decided our first day to tour around the city. Our host was still asleep so we didn't bother to wake him up and instead just left a note that we have been gone for the day. We've also left some souvenirs from the Philippines that Sam has taken cared of - a table runner and coffee from Sagada.

Catch my next post about our first day in Brunei :)

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