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Friday, May 6, 2011

Brunei & Labuan, Malaysia Itinerary and Post - Accounting

I must say this is one of the cheapest overseas trip I've gone so far...Check it out!

The Itinerary

Brunei Trip Post - Accounting
Oh and some notable notes:
* On our second day, we actually planned it for Labuan but we were late for the ferry that day so we just headed to Temburong. Unfortunately there were also no more tours available for half a day so we just had our lunch there.

* The buses around Brunei costs 1 BND per way. However, you will have to wait for around 15 - 20 mins. And because we are not sure of the different routes, we usually just ask the driver, and woah! Most of them are Pinoys!

* The elastics for my camera - I had to buy because I dropped my cam at the Mall and may have loosened the latch on the battery compartment :( I'm not sure if it's a sign that I should buy a new one or not haha. But it's still working anyways so I'm fine with that, for now.

* Brunei Airport Tax - Yes, that's right be ready to shell out 12 BND before leaving.

* One last tip. When we are about to enter the immigration area, the airport security are quite strict with the one hand luggage per person. Not ever plastic bags are allowed if you are already carrying another hand carry! Also, before entering the boarding gates, hand carried luggage are again passed through an x-ray. They are strict with the any liquids in the luggage above 100ml are confiscated. Nichole had a sunscreen lotion confiscated because its 150ml...even if its actually half way used. So just be aware of these policies too.  In the Philippines, we were not bothered by these when we left. But different countries have different rules and to avoid any more hassle, I guess we just have to comply. 

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