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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SG-KL Day 3: Sight Seeing Koala?

So on our third day, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur to get a glimpse of Malaysia. After getting off from the bus, we have yet to board a taxi to take us to the city center where Petronas Towers is found. We arrived around 6am. We are tired and sleepy but we are so ready to take on the day and go up the tower around KL.

The Petronas Towers - 6AM
We were a bit hungry we initially decided to find the nearest McDonald's to have our breakfast. But decided we head first to the toilet and clean up ourselves. Good thing the building is already open and we had a bit of time to freshen up.

So after cleaning up we went to check what time the Tower opens and we are surprised to see that there's already people on queue at that early hour! We didn't waste our chance two of us lined up while we get breakfast at nearby 7-11. We will replace them after we finish breakfast so we don't lose our place in the line.

Having coffee to wake myself up
People started coming as the first session starts at 9am.

I look so sleepy

We got into the 9:40AM session
So finally, we got our tickets. Because the first session is full we are pushed back to the next one at 9:30am. We can wait in the lobby until our time is called.

We get up at 9:40
Visitor Id
We had to leave our bags before going up. There'll be a quick and interesting presentation on how the Petronas Towers was built as well. Of course don't forget to bring your camera!

See the little buttons?
So we get off at the 41st floor and later marvel the view from the Twin Towers of Petronas!

What a great sight to see!
After some photo op on the Towers we go down and take some more photos!

We then head to the next tower - Menara Tower. We decided not to go up since we've just been up the Petronas Towers.

A small garden next to Menara Tower

Menara Tower from where we parked

A closer view of the tower
We got a bit hungry and decided we take a lunch break. We ended up in a nearby KFC joint.

After resting we head to the Merdeka Square, then went to do some 'pasalubong shopping' at the Chinatown.

Merdeka Square

Tired :( but still smiling huh

Other building around the square

Other side
Next stop is Petaling Jaya to check out Sunway Lagoon but we just ended up staying in Starbucks and going around the mall until dinner time. Yeah, we are quite tired. haha

Starbucks Petaling Jaya

Dinner at Papa John's Pizza

Front of Sunway Mall - Egyptian motif

Very Nice Light display outside Sunway
So after the fulfilling dinner at Papa John's we made our way back to Singapore. It was definitely a tiring day! We arrived in SG at 10pm. After freshening up and fixing my things I immediately went to sleep. Whoooh!

See three days done, how time flies. Then next day we are headed to Sentosa and the beaches!

***So you might be interested to know why the title. One our friends made up this joke and been calling Kuala Lumpur as Koala for I made it the title as well!

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