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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prologue: The Long Wait is Over

I feel so guilty not having started my blog about my recent trip to Singapore. So even if I haven't organized my thoughts yet I'll give it a shot and hopefully remember what has happened in the five days that we spent going around and enjoying the amazing sights around the Lion City.

Angge, Myself, Ize and Camille - Just arrived in SG

At a later stage I will compile as usual my expenses thru my post-accounting blog and also add the itinerary for this trip to help out those who are still planning to visit SG!

So what are we waiting for...

I've booked this trip around April of 2010. There was a promo (what else?) from Cebu Pacific. I was still unsure who I'll be travelling with but I knew right then and there I want to book any international flight for 2011. I've sent text messages to people I know who might like to join. And yay, I found them! My high school servicemates - Camille, Angge and Ize. We all come from the same high school and it was early 2010 when we all meet again after 9-10 years? Oh was it that long? Over dinner and drinks we decided we wanted to plan a trip for us servicemates as soon as we are able to find any promo fares. And there it here and there and we are booked for Singapore on the last week of January of 2011.

The wait is tough but it was all worth it. We tried to plan as much as we can. Reserve and find accommodations. Prepare the activities we wanted to try. It was definitely a trip worth remembering. I for the most part was really excited I made some computations and itineraries for the trip. I loved doing it!

We made online booking of our Universal Studios Tickets. We decided we wanted to go to Malaysia for a day to check out the Petronas Towers so we booked a one way bus from SG to Kuala Lumpur. The bus ticket have also been booked online.

Days and months passed until we realised we are a few weeks from our flight. I wasn't too excited around Christmas time and New year since I was kind of busy thinking so much about work...haha but 2 weeks to go and it got me up and running for excitement. We need a hotel or a transient house to stay. I had to ask around and consult with my servicemates where we can possible stay. I then finally found one online. It's a transient house in Sengkang for 18SGD per person per day. It should be cheaper than hotels I suppose so we took it. I managed to reserve the next day by depositing thru a bank. So everything's set. I only need the SG dollars for my pocket money! Hahaha Good thing a relative of mine just came back from SG that day we are about to leave so I bought her dollars :)

We are meeting up 5pm and altogether head to the airport. Thanks to Angge's tito for driving us to Terminal 3.

We arrived before 7pm and since the check in counter is not yet open, we then decided to grab something to eat. We head to the 2nd floor of the airport where the food court is and bought Jollibee burgers hehe.

Boarding Pass looking like a receipt

After the dinner, we went to check in. We had to wait a while in queue and go around to pay terminal fees and departure tax as usual. Passed by the immigration and around 8pm we are ready to go to the boarding gates.

Within an hour or two we arrived safely in Singapore - The Lion City!

Next blog documents Day 1 -  with only 3 hours of sleep we head to our walking tour of the city! Props to our guides who kindly assisted us ;) (Harold and Kuya Joey)

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