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Friday, February 19, 2010

Thailand Trip 2010 Post Accounting

Yay! I finally finished my blog about the 4 days spent in Thailand. So now, my next task is to list the estimates I did and compare with the actual expenses. This is tricky coz I know I've not listed everything, like we buy 1 bottle of water, or ride a tuktuk or something. But hopefully this will list most of the items we bought and spent during the Thai holiday. This will be interesting as I want to see how well I did the pre budgeting...LOL I follow a travel blog and I find it very interesting that she posts her travel budget and stuff.

The pre-travel budget
This is an exciting part for me and most tedious as well. When I finally booked our ticket to Bangkok via Cebu Pacific, I can't stop myself from planning for the said trip. I sleep late and research about the places, hotels, tourist spots and stuff. And the more I read, the more I get excited. When I go home from work, I spend like 3-4 hours looking online for hotels to stay, this was my routine for like a month, until I was all sure that I've set everything. Surely, na-adik talaga ako sa pagresearch. But I'm having so much fun.

I enjoy looking through each hotel, reading reviews, looking at pictures, waaaaah kung san san ako napadpad. It's not easy, that's why I know I am the only one in the group who has the will to get to the budgeting and planning. Kaya wag silang aangal kung ayaw nila...haha! Or else I will let them plan on their own...and we'll see...
How I did it, I made an excel sheet (oh I love making spreadsheets!) and each sheet for Day 1 to Day 4. I also added a sheet for the hotels I've asked. This is because I have compared all their prices and see which one has the best to offer. We had to stay in 2 different hotels so it's an additional work for me di ba? And all I've transacted online.
Now we go to the real deal...

Thailand Trip 2010 Post Accounting Estimate Actual
Exchange rate 0.69 thb 1 php
Airfare Roundtrip - MLA - BKK 5,512 php 5,512 php
Hotel - Koh Samet 580.06 php 580.06 php
Hotel - Bangkok 1340 php 1382 php
Travel Tax 1620 php 1620 php
Terminal Fee 750 php 750 php
Day 1
Taxi BKK - Ekkamai 110 thb 64.00 thb
Bus Ekkamai - Ban Phe 160 thb 137 thb
Koh Samet Parking fee 400 thb 200 thb
Boat to Koh Samet 50 thb 50 thb
Mini truck to hotel thb 50 thb
Lunch 200 thb 92 thb
Snorkeling Tour thb 350 thb
Dinner 100 thb 108 thb
Day 2
Coffee 100 thb 30 thb
Ferry to Ban Phe 60 thb 80 thb
Bus to Ekkamai 160 thb 137 thb
Taxi to Hotel 110 thb 59 thb
Lunch @ Au Thong 120 thb 108 thb
Temple Tours/Parking 54 thb 120 thb
Dinner at Suan Lum Night Bazaar 220 thb 145 thb
Day 3
Breakfast 100.00 thb 99 thb
Pad Thai 20 thb
Grand Palace entrance 200.00 thb 350 thb
Wat Pho 40 thb
Tuk Tuk to/from Grand Palace 26 thb
Transpo/Tour 308 thb
Dinner - sidestreet chicken and spring rolls 100 thb 50 thb
Day 4
Breakfast @ Greenhouse 100 thb 98 thb
Taxi to Safari World 100 thb 100 thb
Entrance to Safari World 750 thb 800 thb
Safari Bus 20 thb 30 thb
Bag Storage for 4 bags 80 thb
Lunch 100 thb 55 thb
Taxi Back to hotel 100 thb 82 thb
Dinner 100 thb 100 thb
Taxi to Airport 100 thb 100 thb
TOTAL Day 1 - 4 in Thai Baht 3614 THB 4068 THB
TOTAL Day 1 - 4 in Peso 5237.68 PHP 5896 PHP
TOTAL Overall 15,040 15,740 PHP
Tamarind 100 thb
Shopping @ Suan Lum 360 thb
Shopping @ MBK 200 thb
Water 10 thb
Sausage @ 7 eleven 30 thb

WOOOHOOO! Not bad eh! Except for the shopping...looks like we've just hit the budget! A little over by almost 800 but it seemed manageable I think! Yay! Plus I didn't include other shopping and snacks!


  1. Spreadsheets are love!

    Nako, ganyan din ako when I started. Sobrang tutok sa pag research. Ngayon, up to the last minute, wala pa rin akong alam sa pupuntahan ko!

    Inggit naman, nakapag Ko Samet kayo!

  2. @ms.nina: wow! thanks for reading my blog! Hehe! Yeah, I think sa una nga ganto pa ka-excited. Check out Ko Samet next time! Super fun and di masyado madami tao! :)


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