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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thai Trip Day 1 - Ban Phe to Koh Samet

I forgot to mention in my previous blog, that while we were getting tickets at Ekkamai station, a lady overheard us and gladly she's a Filipina. Ate Ruth is an English teacher and also knows a tour guide around BKK. She gave us tips and her contact number so that the next day we go back to BKK we can reach her and she's happy to send a guide for us.

Okay so 3.5 hours in the bus, we took a snack, took pictures a lil and slept.
At around 8:30 we are in Ban Phe! We had to wait another hour for the ferry at 9:30. Got our tickets at the counter and took pics as well while waiting. We are exhausted and sleepy so we are all very much looking forward to take a rest when we reach our villa in Koh Samet.

This is my photo at a Samet island map next to the ticket counter.

We need to go to the toilet after the bus ride. Usually the toilet has a 3 baht fee. And this one a public toilet is not the usual toilet bowl as it is laid in the floor. You can picture what I mean I hope. So yes, travelling makes you see and do stuff in a different way and that's the challenge and experience you shouldn't miss! I didn't took a pic though so hopefully you can find your way to one of those too! hehe

This is the ferry that took us to Koh Samet! Luma na sya...But anyhow, it safely sailed us to our destination!

Kimby and myself, so giddy at the ferry ride! Can't wait any longer...The ferry to Koh Samet is around 45 mins. I was so sleepy this time actually, the moving ferry makes you sleep in a sec.

And then, Koh Samet finally! Arriving at the pier we still took a mini truck to take us to our villa. It was a bumpy and dusty road actually. But we didn't mind. We are all too excited to get to the beach and head to our room to rest. And here's a photo at Vongduern Villa.

The beach is quite good. White sparkling sand, much like Boracay but of course Bora had a finer sand. We got here around 10:30 or 11 am. We can't check in until 1pm so since we are all hungry we just decided to take a lunch and rest at the resto by the beach. It's lovely! Lunch is good. Thai food was served perfectly...with a lil chili but still nice.

Here's our pic having lunch. That's John, my workmate and Kim. I forgot what we ordered but I think there's chicken, veggies and pork. They are all good and we are all stuffed!

This is a pic of the beach front. There are dining area to sit upon and its also lovely and cute! We didn't have our lunch there because it was too hot during lunch time!

Well, here's the beach at Koh Samet! Lovely isn't it! There's not too many people swimming when we arrived probably because it was lunch time and the only ones swimming were the westerners who love the sun. We don't love the sun that much... haha!

This is my foot finally touching the Koh Samet sand. Notice the white sand!!! We love it!

I think I was too tired to jump as high as my cousin and sister did! haha!

So after the fulfilling lunch, we head on to the room, unpacked our stuff and rest for an hour. We have decided to take the Snorkeling and island hopping tour at 2-5pm so we barely had an hour to rest.

Antok nako nyan soooobra!!! I only slept for less than an hour.

Okay so at 2pm, we had to wait for the speed boat to pick us up for the snorkeling, island hopping and feeding tour! It was a cool ride! Enjoyed it alot!

While waiting for the speed boad we did some jump shots too! Wah, di pa din ako makatalon ng mataas!

A group pic before we board the speed boat. Ang saya saya namin di ba?

Here's my pic at the speed boat!

This is Kim and myself during the snorkeling. It's Kim's first time so todo kapit sya saken. Enjoy sya! I love the school of fish swimming around us! Haaaay! Namiss ko to!

Here's a pic at an island where we dropped off someone. This is quite a posh resort and we noticed aged westerners along the beach sunbathing...

This is me and my sis at the feeding station. There were sharks, different kinds of fish and turtles at the feeding station. You can buy some small fish and feed it to the bigger fishes. Aww! Poor lil fishes!

Another pic at the speed boat as we go back to our resort.

I was made to write something on the sand: 'Karen @ Koh Samet' but the camera lightning made it a lil invisible. hehe!

So we went swimming until around six. The water is nice and refreshing. After that, we had to take a bath and get ready for dinner.
We walked along the beach to check the restos open. There's too many to choose from but we found this place with what we wanted. The food are prepared already but uncooked. You just choose which one and then they will cook it for you. From where we sat, we can also have a nice view of the Fire's very nice and they are good!

It was an eventful Day 1. We are all tired but nonetheless enjoyed the first day experience. The next day we are heading back to Bangkok. For a lil tamarind shopping, night shopping at Suan Lum Night Bazaar and Silom...

PS It looks like won't be able to finish up to day 4 this weekend! Imagine just Day 1 took 1 whole day to be written...oh thanks to this fast internet! My pictures take centuries to upload eh!

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