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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thai Trip Day 3 - Grand Palace

Woah so here we are on the third day of the Thai Trip!

In the morning we had a nice breakfast at Green House. We went there to also make use of their free wifi! hehe! We also had a few hours to spend some time swimming time at the pool on top of the hotel! Very refreshing!

After that, we wanted to try some spring rolls and street food so we then grabbed pad thai and roasted chicken along Rambuttri Road. The lunch was very very good! Stuffed as usual! We also found a temple just some walking distance from our hotel.

We head to the Grand Palace after lunch. It was a very hot afternoon too! But what the heck we need to go around and maximise our time don't we. After Don parked the pick up we had to get a tuk tuk to the Grand Palace.

We bought tickets at the entrance and got inside. You must be reminded of the proper attire when visiting the Grand Palace. No shorts or leggings for girls or else you will need to rent a sarong for a fee.

It was trully a very grand palace! I can only say wow everytime a see the magnificent structures. There's a lot of temples inside. And I just can't count all of them so I'll grab the pictures to say what I want to say...hehe As you can see the Grand Palace is a large place to walk around so make sure you have an umbrella, shades, water, sunscreen if you plan to visit on a hot day!

We had to make a stop over at a cafeteria to get some water...It was such a hot day promise!

After the Grand Palace we went to the Wat Pho...or the Reclining Buddha. It was awesome too! A very long reclining buddha...

That day was very tiring! We asked Don to take us back to the hotel to get dinner and rest for a while.

At night we decided we go to MBK Mall. And there we grabbed some more pasalubong like shirts - costs 99 baht and some giveaways for our friends.

So there goes day Three! We have one more day and guess what, we are heading to Safari World.

--It's Wednesday, 17th of Feb, finally blog for Day 3 is done!

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