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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thai Trip Day 4 - Safari World

In the morning before we left we had our last breakfast in Bangkok at Green House again. I had pancakes and they were very nice as you can see!
We have already checked out of the hotel and we instead just left our bags at their storage room. Their storage room rental costs 20 baht per bag but the kind lady only let us pay for the big luggages and smaller ones are free! That's quite nice of them and they constantly smile at us! They happy to see Filipinos looking like Thais!

We took the cab going to Safari World. There are taxis already awaiting us infront of the hotel. Our driver is kind enough to give further info on where we are going. He is a Muay Thai trainer in Amsterdam he said. And he was just back in Thailand for holidays. He even told us when he knew he are from Philippines that he trained Lito Lapid when he came to Thailand. Very nice isn't it!

So after like and hour and a half we are in Safari World! Entrance is 800 baht and the coach for the Safari ride is 30 baht.

We had a fabulous day in Safari World. I'll have the pics again to tell the story.
I've upload them in my Facebook account! :) But here's some of the highlights.

After a day at the safari, we went back to the hotel to get our things and head to the airport. It was indeed a fun and eventful week in Thailand. And like what I said, it was never enough!
There are a lot of things I've learned from the trip...btw, I'm hoping to follow this blog up with our post travel accounting to help anyone plan for their Thai trip in the future!

And now, for my next stop....hmmmm soon to be announced...LOL I still have to save up for it!


  1. i love safari world,gusto ko ang giraffe tsaka nakasakay pa ako sa elephant dun.may polar bear pa.

  2. @virgo itinerary Wow! That's cool. Di na kami sumakay sa elephant eh nakipicture picture lang kami after the elephant show... :)


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