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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thai Trip Day 2 - Koh Samet to Bangkok

-=Grrrrrr...I was almost finished with my Day 2 blog but after hitting Save Draft, a blocked site screen came up and my blog wasn't saved!!!
Okay, so this is testing my patience, but I will pursue with my objective to finish the blog this weekend. So here goes with me rewriting the Day 2 Thai Trip blog. I hope it looks better...=-

Day 2, I woke up early @ 6am. We had been informed that first ferry going back to Ban Phe leaves at 8:30 so we had to be at the beach by 8am. I wanted to have enough time to take a bath, fix my things and grab some coffee in the morning so I woke up this early. The rest of the group were still in dreamland when I awoke and it still dark outside. We are all tired the day before so I hope the good nights sleep has recharged us for the next trip ahead of us.

We had a nice coffee by the beach. Coffee is 30 baht. It was a fresh and gentle morning and we caught the beautiful sunrise. We had more photos taken during the breakfast.

As it is time we say good bye to the island, we can't keep ourselves taking some more photos to remind us of the nice and fun time here. I may not have been able to see Phuket but we are happy we've stayed in Koh Samet. It's white sand may not be as good as the others but we can say that we are all fulfilled with what we have experience here. It is almost like a private beach since there aren't too many people around. Food is good and we enjoyed it to bits!

So we boarded the ferry at around 8:30. 45 mins to Ban Phe and then 3.5 more hours to Ekkamai station. We took a cab from the bus terminal going to our hotel. Our hotel is in Rambuttri Road, this roald is parallel to the busy Khao San Road, quite well know to be the backpackers area in Bangkok. Rambuttri is also busy but when we got inside our hotel, it was not as crazy as the outside. The hotel is clean and quite new I can say. Our hotel even has a pool up the top. So I guess it should be better than the rest not to mention cheaper too.

We checked in and freshen up. Being quite hungry, we then search around the place to get our late lunch. We found this place Au-Thong a few blocks from our hotel. It looks good and serves Thai food of course. So we ordered and had a filling. Like what we also expected, food is good and we are happy to go and continue with our next journey. I ordered a seafood Padthai. It was good but the serving was too much for me. Haha!

After lunch, we had to wait for Ate Ruth's instructions that she's sending us her friend to tour us around. Don picked us up at the hotel. He was kind and very helpful too! We rode in his hilux and took us to the tamarind shop for our first pasalubong shopping.

The tamarind shop is cool. We see all sorts of dried fruits and preserves. The kind lady always offered us to taste some samples so we can choose what we wanted. She's very accommodating but we only have been interested in getting the tamarind. We bought 4 kilos. A kilo costs 100 baht which was already discounted I think.

We then went driving around the city, some temples, the building quite looking like a white house etc. It was cool, Don tells us the history and stuff. We got a bit hungry and then went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. We then had a taste of more Thai food which is full of chili! After going around the night bazaar, we went to Silom.

Silom, Don says is more like the red light district and we didn't get to take pictures by the way. We got off the car and walked around the place. There was a lane of clubs and pubs with dancing girls...and I can see it from where we are walking because the doors are open! There is also a lane for those looking for hot men! LOL Don also got us walking around Patpong night market. We didn't buy any stuff actually, just looking around and actually it felt awkward to be walking in that area.

We are quite tired then so we've already asked Don to take us back to the hotel. While driving back, Don pointed out what he called 'nobody' along the sidewalks. These are the girls waiting to be picked up. They sit in a chair and looking at their mirror putting up their make up.

We arrived at the hotel almost midnight. Got a bit hungry so went downstairs to grab coffee. It's good there's 7eleven nearby. After coffee and a few attempts at calculating our expenses for the day, I gave up and went to bed. hehe!

Okay so that's how our Day 2 went. We are tired of course but happy again! The next day is planned for our Grand Palace tour!

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