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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Personal Tips for Managing your Travel Fund

Putting up a blog like this and having people appreciate my love for travel, I have had my share of people asking how I'm able to fund and save up for these trips. I'm a full-time employee but I don't earn millions (yet!) :) Most of my travel money come straight from my earnings.

Although most people think travel is not a cheap passion, I still believe, there are things one can do if they really are keen to make it to their dream destination. Like anyone else, I also dream of exploring not only our very own  sites here in the Philippines, but also discover the rest of the world. You heard it right. I'm definitely planning on conquering the world.

It's not easy, but with a bit of help here and there and the massive discipline and motivation, I'm sure many if not most, can also do it. 

So here are some personal tips I would like to share and which I also do. Hope this helps!

1. Save a part of your monthly income - It depends on your capacity but it doesn't matter how big or small as long as you could start and get the discipline to keep it going. You can set a small target for starters, and as you go along and pick up your pace, try and add more. You wouldn't notice how much you have saved in a few months time.

2. Get a separate account for your travel fund - As for me, since I'm planning for some bigger trips in a year or two, it does help to get a separate bank account. I don't mix it with my other accounts. It's also easier for me to manage. And basically, it does help for when you apply for visa to other countries as you have track record of a bank account you can show.

3. Invest - It's not just putting your money in the bank. Nowadays, there are insurance plans that also gives you the benefit of earning dividends. Maximize those. It's best to start when you are young. I personally have two of those at the moment.

4. Minimize use of your credit cards - I used to be a sucker for promo fares, that I abuse the power of my credit card. Luckily, there aren't much promo fares nowadays and I had a breather for my credit card bills. But it's equally important that you pay your credit card bills so you clear them as soon as possible. 

Imagine - instead of paying your credit card bills and interests, you would have spent that for a one way trip to Boracay!

When I travel especially overseas, credit cards would be very useful for emergency cases, when you do run out of cash. But as in spending, use it wisely!

5. Budget, budget - Personally, it is quite hard to keep within a budget for a trip. You sometimes go over your budget due to certain circumstances but it is a good practice to plan ahead and think about how much you really need to prepare for your upcoming trip. 

In the end, you will also be surprised to find out that you can make arrangements to save further and cut your costs.

I'm very much sure there are many other tried and tested tips. Do you have anything to add? Do share it! :)

This entry is written as part of the monthly Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival currently being run by Journeying James. This month's theme revolves around the topic  "HOW TO FUND YOUR WANDERLUST". Go catch other helpful tips from the rest of PTB Members!


  1. I cut off my credit card five years ago, and I've never saved so much in my life. The money I spent paying interest rates and annual fees went to my travels, instead. :)

    1. That sounds great! You've done a good decision :)


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