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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Looking Back and How This All Started

Sometimes, I'd ask myself where did all start. This thing that got me into blogging about my travels.

Way before the blog 'Tips 'n Travels' came about, not many probably knew, that I already have a personal site/blog from Friendster and Multiply. It started as a personal site for my everyday rants and raves about life and everything under the sun.

Until one day, I've been given one of the most wonderful opportunities of my life.

19th of September of 2005. My first time to travel overseas. Went more than 6,000 KM from home and arrived in a chilly weather of Sydney, Australia. During that time, I have started some sort of photo blogging thru Friendster as a way to update my family and friends. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge on the background - Sydney, 2012
On my second trip to Sydney in 2007, I gained more passion to divert the photo blogging skills to a more user friendly platform on Multiply. When I upload photos and give story to describe my experience, it was such a great feeling to get comments from my family and friends. I didn't even have such a decent camera then but I still pursue to give them my regular updates.

That unexplained feeling made me realise that I really love to travel and get lost (HAHA!). In my quest for knowing more about places, researching for certain tips and stuff, I bumped into two of the most influential blogs in the Philippines. I got into reading Pinay Travel Junkie of Gay and JustWandering of Nina. As time goes by, as I read more of their blogs and experiences, I developed this love for improving on my writing and blogging and sharing my travel experiences at the same time. And since a lot of people I know already asks me for tips and stuff, it dawned on me to finally get into travel blogging.

And then there was 'Tips 'n Travels'. The name is no-brainer. I'd be honest. I just wanted a quick and memorable name. That's all. And I'm not even sure if it's memorable. Haha!

Darling Harbour - Sydney, 2012
So from Multiply, I began to move some travel related stuff into Blogger thru the import facility. My next destination that time is Thailand. So I gave a shot on that trip to take note of my expenses, how I managed and planned my budget, how I chose the accommodations and stuff. They were all written down on my early posts. 

The boom of Facebook also got me into creating an FB page for my blog. It's a great way to expand my network of readers. And eventually also decided to join the PTB group. 

But ultimately, the fun part of having a travel blog is being able to read my old post and re-live the memories in no time. 

Every trip I had in mind are noted in my blog. It was challenging at first, well it's still challenging though, having to find time to write as I had to perform my full time work as well. But it didn't stop me. Every time I get the free time given I'm not too lazy or not experiencing the writer's block, I try to get into posting for my blog. And you know what, having seen my stats go up and comments from readers inspired me to go on even if, yeah, I have nothing left to write. :-)

Today, I still carry the writer's block, sometimes. I usually write only weekends so maybe I won't be able to cope up with other well written blogs.

But I've promised myself I will keep this blog even if nobody reads it. For me, my travels and the memories that came with it will stay here in my heart, in my mind and in my humble blog!

This is my entry to this month's PTB Blog Carnival. July's theme 'The Journey that made us a travel blogger' is run by fellow PTB Edmar of Edmaration. Catch the rest of the entries Here! . 

Previous PTB Themes are also available when you click the PTB Logo on the left. Enjoy and happy reading! 


  1. We actually started the same, Karen. :) A few of the people that I'm close with started asking me for travel advice too. Thus, the creation of my blog.. it actually feels nice to know that we are able to help someone from our previous travels. :) truly enriching! Oh, and must I say.. I am also a big fan of Gay and Nina! :)

    1. Hi Mai, glad to know we have the same experience. Yes, really feels good to help others about their travel queries. :D

  2. Hey Karen! This is such a helpful post. I can relate to how you began, and is inspired by how diligent you are in documenting everything. I still have a world's worth of backlogs-- boo for not taking down notes. <3

    1. Hi Rain, thanks for the comment. Honestly, the diligence is already wearing out, sometimes I feel like just enjoying the moment rather than taking all the notes and stuff...hehe. You have such a wonderful blog :)

  3. Karen, you got a very good start. Mine never started that way. haha. That means you already have some followers just before the birth of your blog yay! :)

    I just want to thank you for sharing this entry for the blog carnival, I am very much inspired to read your stories. Cheers for more Tips and Travels Karen.

    1. Thanks Edmar! Well done on this month's carnival! Happy travels! :-)

  4. Hi Karen. you have a nice blog! I stumbled here from Kuya Edmars post. Glad to know how you started blogging <3

    1. Hi Wander, thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it! Comments like yours inspire me to write I'm going to post something this weekend! hehe :-)


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