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Saturday, June 9, 2012

One day in Sagada

We arrived in Sagada around lunch time. I really liked the weather, nice and cool. Loved it!

We decided to try Yoghurt House. We've heard nice reviews about this place. And it's not just open for Yoghurt. There also other food to try and they all look delicious.

Pasta ordered by one of my friends.

Mixed vegetables and mountain rice, looks colourful!

I got myself a mountain tea! It's the best!

What a good looking clubhouse sandwich!

And this is my order...steak!

For dinner, we went to Lemon Pie House. The lemon pie tastes good! I had bought myself 4 boxes to take home.

There's more to see in Sagada. The rest of my friends went to the caving experience. I on the other hand decided to head back to Manila because I need to go back to work the following day.

My trip is from Sagada to Baguio then Baguio to Manila. It was a long journey but I was alright. Slept through it most of the time. I loved long journeys sometimes because I can just sit, sleep and wait. When I wake up I can just get off to another new adventure. 

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