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Friday, June 8, 2012

Siquijor: Island of Fire and Dumaguete Day 2

Early morning of our second day in Dumaguete, we are bound to take the ferry to Siquijor. Unfortunately, we were late so we had to kill some time until the next ferry leaves.

I took this chance to drop by the Rizal stamp spot in Dumaguete. Yes! Another stamp achieved!

I can't remember how long the ferry ride to Siquijor was, but it was probably less than 2 hours. We were greeted by blue green waters. The sight was truly amazing.

We rested for a while and then headed to start with the island tour.

Our first stop is this mystic tree.

The rest of the group decided to go to the cave, but the rest didn't and stayed to wait.

After that, we head to the the falls called Kambughay. We had a quick dip and then we went to another beach.

We stayed overnight in Siquijor and the next day head to another resort. The beach was lovely. I can imagine Boracay without the massive crowd. Just sand and water.

Beware though, as there are some jellyfishes swimming as well. Don't get stung or else!

In the afternoon, we left Siquijor and dropped by the souvenir shops. We also passed by the Lazi convent.

Arriving in Dumaguete, we were hungry so decided to get lunch. We went to Neva's, well-known for their tasty pizza! I loved it and their servings were more than enough!

I ordered this for lunch...looks so delicious!

Neva's is just a short walking distance from Harold's Mansion.

The rest of the day we only stayed indoors and then at night head to have dinner at Hayahay Restaurant.

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