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Friday, December 30, 2011

Seoul Searching

South Korea is such a big surprise for me. I thought I would only be interested because I just wanted to try skiing. But I was totally wrong. I liked it more than the skiing - which I actually didn't get to try.

Anyway, there's so much to see in Busan, let alone Seoul. So I made a promise to go back to make sure I cover all of the places we missed. Promise!

On our first day in Seoul, we basically just decided to head to the city and visit the temple and perhaps wherever our feet could take us. Although I had sketched a plan, we didn't follow it since we got up quite late and well, we just want to take our time. Haha. But yeah, we could have covered more if we stick to it.

We went around Kim's Club, which is a nice grocery full of nice find. We should have shopped here before we went back to Busan.

Before we head to the tour, we decided to grab breakfast at a nearby food court before heading out to the city.

I just have to get my quick coffee fix!

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