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Friday, December 23, 2011

Busan: Our First Surprise

We left for Busan on the afternoon of 23rd November. Donned our semi-winter clothes, we boarded the Cebu Pacific plane and traveled for almost 2 and a half hours.

We arrived in the chilly Gimhae International Airport at around 9pm. We went through the usual immigration and took a cab to our hosts' place. Oh but before that, we need to get some cash so there were a few ATMs available near the exit.

TIP: If travelling overseas and plans to withdraw money thru ATM, make sure that you're ATMs are suited to be used internationally. I believe you can tell by the logo of Cirrus or MasterCard or Visa on your ATM. But to be 100% sure, drop by your nearest bank to confirm it'll work before you head off.

I actually did most of the planning which is REALLY, a bit of a challenge. I had to spend sleepless nights balancing my busy work and researching all the stuff about this trip. I did enjoy it though but it's still not easy.

We actually planned to take a bus rather than a taxi to get to our hosts' place. But we decided to take the offer of a taxi driver to take us to the place to avoid getting lost on our first night in Korea.

We were then welcomed by our very nice and warm hosts, Kath and Sandy. We know it was late at night and the two ladies should be off to bed, but they were up for a quick chat and gave us helpful directions in getting around. We also met some CS friends who dropped by to say hi.

Kath was very nice to offer us to take us to a Korean restaurant just some walking distance from their place since we are a bit hungry. We haven't had dinner since we we left Manila. We had a really nice serving of Samgyeopsal ( I hope that's correct!) for the five of us. That meal was really cheap and we were really happy and stuffed!

After the meal we head to take a walk near the bridge. Across the bridge is one of the largest malls in the world which is Shinsegae Centum City. Amazingly, we didn't have the chance to enter this mall during our stay in Busan. That is why we really have to go back.

It was getting really cold that night so the four of us decided to go back and take a rest. The next day's going to be more fun. We are going around Busan with Kath's friends.


  1. glad to have come across your posts. my friends and i are going to south korea in april. i'm mapping out our itinerary now :)

  2. @Gladys | Wow cool! I'm so inggit I really want to go back soon! :) Happy to help you. I'll try to post the rest of the itinerary this weekend :)


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