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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Haedong Younggungsa Temple

Since we are very pressed for time, we just chose to head to this temple found in a cliff as recommended by our tour guide friends.

It's the Haedong Younggungsa Temple. It's definitely a must to go to this beautiful temple. The view is really amazing.

It's a mysterious-looking temple established on rocks and stones near the sea. According to the guide it's famous for the glorious sunrise lighting up over the East Sea.

From early in the morning, the temple is crowed with people wanting to see the beautiful sunrise.
We got there by taking a train and taxi. It was almost lunch we arrived. There were also a number of tourists and students taking their field trip, I suppose.

At the entrance there are some food stands and souvenir shops. I was tempted to buy some but I thought I'll just buy them at the shopping center when we come back to Busan.

We went walking down the stairs going to the temple. There was even this area where I dropped a coin to wish!

It was nice walking around the area. There were cute little buddhas on display. I wanted to get one!

There was a also a room full of buddhas where I think people enclose their wishes. I was also tempted to adopt one buddha for my wish. Anyway, maybe I'll do it next time.

We get the chance to drink water from this area. It's probably a miracle water? So I took it.


  1. great photos! we'll surely go to this place in April. ^_^

    so the water is clean enough for drinking?

  2. @Gladys | Thanks for appreciating my photos :) yes, water seems clean for drinking. I didn't get an upset stomach naman after.

    You'll enjoy Busan and Seoul!


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