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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheers to My 100th!

This is my 100th blog post. It's been more than a year since I started reviving my blog and actually concentrating on writing about my travels. Yay!

Great Wall of China
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I was browsing through my old posts this morning and realised that the first ever blog post here was written the night before Christmas of 2009. Check out my first ever post entitled Travel Writing. Such a nice thing to remember, I was probably so happy that I have had nice travel experience during that year and sparked my great interest to start blogging again.

After 99 posts and 20 months of sharing my experiences, I'm finally here and still enjoying the time. A lot of things have happened, a lot of places have been discovered and a lot of new friends I have met along the way.

So here in my 100th post, I simply plan to share some goals I have for the future and what could be in store for me and Tips 'n Travels the blog.

Here are some of the definite plans:

1. Bicol Trip on the long weekend of August 2011
2. South Korea Trip on November 2011
3. Cebu and Dumaguete Trip on March 2012

And here are the tentative ones because I have not made any flight bookings or arrangements yet but I'm definitely going to tick them off my list in 2012:

1. Beijing and/or China backpacking Trip or
2. London Summer Olympics Trip and visit my sister (depends if my visa gets approved, if not then going for Option #1)
3. Finish up the Rizal stamp sites - still sorting out when I'd travel to Iloilo and Zamboanga
4. Tick off some Beaches I haven't been to - Top 10 Philippines beaches
5. Improve my Lakbayan Grade - Perhaps more of Visayas and Mindanao Trips
6. Finally embark on a solo domestic trip

Wow so there you go. I hope the next 100 posts will be more exciting, fun and unpredictable ;)


  1. I highly recommend you do the solo trip soon! :) Congrats on the milestone and I wish you hundreds of posts more hehe

  2. @Aleah
    Thanks Aleah! I hope to do it next year ;) any suggestions for my first solo trip?

  3. Congrats on the hundredth post and more to come. Looks like an awesome plan you got there. I agree with Aleah, go go go for the solo trip!

  4. @Pinay Travel Junkie
    Thanks Gaye! Yourself, Aleah and all other pinay travel bloggers have inspired me to do that solo i will really work on it soon...just waiting for the promo fare nyahaha! Have a great time in Aussie and wish you all the best on your journey around the world :)

  5. wow! london summer olympics. call me envious.

  6. @dong ho It's still a work in progress. I'm not even sure I'll get a visa but I have very high hopes :) Thanks for commenting :)


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