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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Backtracking: Hong Kong Trip 2009

I was feeling kind of tired today. Although I'm actually heading again to UP in a short while for another food trip with friends from CS. While browsing stuff online, I bumped into my multiply account once more and I relive the not so recent memories of my previous travels.

HongKong here we come

I remember that first trip overseas with my cousin. February of 2009, the two of us head to HK to finally get our taste of Disneyland!

It was actually the first trip overseas that is not thru or for work. This was a very exciting trip for me and I was the one who prepared and booked everything.

The main reason we chose Hongkong as mentioned above is to step into Disneyland. Most of us would probably have grown up with the most lovable Disney characters and of course it's a little girls dream to get that sense of magic and fun in Disneyland.

In the course of my research, I was also able to find out other interesting sights around Hongkong, so myself and my cousin decided to make the most of our 3-4 days in the island.

If you haven't been to HK, here are the nice places you will probably want to visit and explore!

1. Hongkong International Airport - The HKIA is such a massive airport for me. I first stepped into this airport during my first trip to Australia because I had a connecting flight in HK. There was a train inside the airport which takes you to other Departure gates!

Just arrived in HK, February 2009

2. Pacific Place Mall and Queensway Plaza - This is the first of the few malls that we explored. Well, only because we got in HK in time for lunch and we are definitely hungry. There's not much to see in these malls I think. I did enjoy our first meal in HK though!

HK Tram - 2 HKD per stop

My first HK meal - Hash Brown

3. The Peak and tram - In February, beware that the temperature is really cold (if you are me)! Being myself that isn't so used to the cold, I'm definitely freezing going up the Peak! I liked the tram as well and the view of the HK island is breath taking. My cousin and myself had dinner at Bubba Gump. Fortunately (or unfortunately), some of the employees in the resto are Filipinos, and we find that they are a little snobbish :(

Feeling cold at the Peak Tram Entrance
I'm enjoying the tram ride!
Cool wall art inside the Peak mall

4. Star Ferry - Since we are in the HK island we had to gather up ourselves to take a ferry across to reach the other side of HK where we could actually explore item 5, 6 and 7 below. The ferry ride was nice on a calm night! Lot's of travelers and tourist.

Blurry image of me and my cousin aboard the Ferry

5. Tsim Sha Tsui - We reached the other side and went around to see the shopping areas and stuff.

Not sure what I'm trying to do here

6. Victoria Harbour - Here we get to walk at the Avenue of Star and watch the wonderful Lights and Sound display

Very nice view of Victoria Harbour

7. Mongkok - More shopping. We ended up getting dinner at Modern Toilet which isn't not too good actually. I guess I just got a head ache attack after I smelled some unfamiliar street food. :(

Mongkok Train Station

Modern Toilet for our dinner - sorry for the blurriness
 8. Repulse Bay - It was so cold I know but we are feeling like exploring unusual places so we headed to a beach! Repulse Bay is nice and we got to see the building with the hole in it.

Nice quiet beach

9. Disneyland - What more can I say! My magical place! :) Hopefully I'd get to see other Disneyland locations around the world.

Photo op with Alice

Disneyland woohoo!

10. Ngong Pin - Lovely cable car ride! Huge Buddha on top of the mountain and the massive stairs to get up to the Buddha is such an exercise!

Cable car to Nong Pin

Tian Tan Buddha

The Buddha within the sea of clouds
When I look back at the pictures, I just can't help but miss the cool weather when we visited HK! :)


  1. Nice photo of the Buddha. Very surreal. I love HK! Especially love the cold weather as well (we visited in January.) =)

  2. @The Average Jane
    Thanks Jane!:) this photo of the buddha is actually one of my fave hk photos :D

  3. It was also in HK where I got to experience my first freezing moments on the beach, namiss ko tuloy bigla ang tropical beaches sa atin :)

  4. Your hair's still short here! We didn't go to Disneyland, was saving it for our future child. Now that we got Luna, we just gotta wait for another year then we're off to this theme park!

  5. @lakwatsera de primera
    true! i miss going to the beach actually...haaay tagal pa ng summer!

  6. @Pinay Travel Junkie
    haha! napansin mo ang hair ko *blush* oooh, i'm getting excited for Luna! she'll definitely enjoy it :)

  7. Nice template, Karen! I've never been to HK myself, don't know why. Fare's cheap at less than 5k and there seems to be a lot of things to do there. Hmmm...maybe I can book within the year haha

  8. @Aleah
    Wow really? Yes, if I only got the chance gusto ko din bumalik...sarap ng weather dun


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