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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rant or Rave: Tans Guesthouse Boracay

Okay, so I'm getting really pumped up to reviewing other accommodations in Boracay. I've been missing the beach so much!

On my third trip to the island, I traveled with my parents and a few family members on my mother's side. This time we only spent one night because we wanted to explore the rest of the Panay island.

I actually got the idea of this guesthouse from the post of Ms.Nina of . The guesthouse is not beach front but is just a 1-2 minute walk and whola, you will find the relaxing white beach!

I chose this because of the nice review I have read from Ms.Nina's blog. Also, it was very close to D'Mall so we have the very quick access to the restaurants and shops!

Because we are almost seven people, I had to book 2 rooms. One at the first floor and one at the second floor. Both rooms have A/C, toilet and bath and free Wifi! They of course have the usual toiletries handy and towels to use.

I loved this place mainly because it has nice rooms and really very close to the beach and the mall.

My favorite beach

Cozy bed for my parents

Outside the room there is a towel hanger

Tans Guest House entrance

The way that leads to the beach

If I ever go back to Boracay next year, I might as well stay here again! :)

More information on Tans Guesthouse:

Telephone: 036 288 6878
Mobile: 09285000040 / 09209202481 (FROM 9 AM - 6 PM)


  1. I stayed in the same area. At Villa Simprosa. Good deals at most guesthouses in that alley and you're right, just a minute or 2 from the beach. Did you try the spa at the corner? ;-)

  2. @lifeisacelebration
    No we didn't have the chance to try the spa at the corner...maybe something I should try next time! have you? :)

  3. You asking me? I was at the spa every day . I'm a glutton for massage and other relaxing therapies.

  4. @lifeisacelebration Wow cool! I should definitely try next time I'm in Boracay :)


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