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Friday, August 5, 2011

Blog & Soul's Travel Bloggers Forum

Left: Group photo of CS Manila members in the forum;
Right: With Ms. Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering.
She's one of my inspirations when I started this travel blog :)
(Photos grabbed from Johanna of Explore.Travel.Learn
Last Saturday, 30th of August, I was glad to have been able to attend my first ever Travel Bloggers Forum. It was an initiative of Blog & Soul which is a non-profit group helping out bloggers like me. And take note it's FREE.

I remember I was supposed to go to one of their previous forum but I wasn't available on that date. Luckily, last weekend I had free time and I finally decided to book the afternoon to attend it finally. I went with other CS'ers Johanna and Nalani, who also share the same interest in travel and blogging.

The forum was held at the GDLC Room inside Asian Institute of Management's (AIM) Library and started right about on time, probably around 2:30 pm.

The list of panelist were: James of Journeying James, Ivan of Ivan About Town, Ed of EAZY Traveler and Ferds of Ironwulf. And then later on, Gael of Pinay Solo Backpacker also joined them during the Q&A.

It was actually a great feeling to be able to join an event like this. When I started with this blog, I have always thought of doing some workshops so I get to learn more about blogging and being able to write well. I guess this forum was the start. It definitely added more insights on how I perceive blogging and traveling as well. I've learned great tips from the panelist which hopefully I should be able to apply in my blog in the next few days.

Oh and it was surely nice to have met some of the travel blogging personalities whose blogs I'm very much familiar with! One of them is Ms.Nina, her blog was actually one of those that got me into reviving my blog and choose travel as my topic. Yay!

Overall, it was a great experience to be in that forum and share the same passion with other bloggers. We all love writing and travelling! Having said that, I think I'm now more inspired to blog and share my experiences this time. For me, seeing a couple of views on my blog stats is more than enough for me to keep going. My only hope is that I get to travel more to those interesting places so I will have more stuff to write about! Haha Don't worry it should all come in time.

I hope there's more of these forum!


  1. Thanks for attending Karen! I hope to get to meet you again (and get to talk to you longer!)

  2. @ninaThanks Ms.Nina! It's my pleasure to meet you too! And yes, looking forward to talk to you again :D I really enjoy your blog!

  3. continue blogging karen. nice to meet yah

  4. @journeyingjames
    Thanks Journeying James! Yup, nice to meet you din! You've really done a great job inspiring people to travel, to blog and to run ;)

  5. @The Average Jane
    Yes, it is! Thanks for the comment Jane! :)


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