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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Travel Writing

I was surfing here and there and stumbled upon a nice travel blog

It was really nice and very it got me inspired to start up blogging again and see where I would end up. LOL

No but seriously, I have now just realised, I think I want to become a travel writer. I could be joking! but why not! I want to travel and I want to write stuff as well. Isn't it like just writing in your diary and pouring all your thought into it?

I've scanned just a few site about travel writing. Maybe, simple blog writing is okay and not really stressing but, to write and earn money might not be too easy at all. I was reading a site suggesting about a travel writer course. Woah! It's more that 300 dollars I i'm not taking it...haha!

But really, how is that to be able to travel here and there and earn as well. I think that's the most exciting career

Anyway, I'm just raving about my excitement for the holidays and taking an overseas trip next year to Thailand. Yes! I just can't wait and here I am again...I think I am gonna write next about how I planned about this trip. And it's kinda crazy and very addicting.


  1. malapit na rin itong mag 2 years sa december :-) nice to read back our old posts :-)

  2. @flipnomad Onga,thanks for reminding!kelangan ko na din pagisipan anung pakulo ang gagawin for my 2nd blog anniversary :D

  3. When I start din, I got addicted in reading Nina's blog and all other gurl blogger in PTB. Ang saya now, i'm friends with most of them :)

  4. @tinaTina hello! True true! They are super nice :)


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