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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Market Hopping - Centris & Mercato

Last weekend, I got the chance to visit two weekend markets with the help of friends from CS Manila. Like everyone else, I was also interested to check out these new places and find out what stuff I can discover!

Centris is actually found very near the Quezon Ave MRT Station making it really accessible for commuters like me. It has a big selection of food and fresh produce from all over the Philippines. I really wish to go back. I can't list all the stuff I found there so my suggestion is just check it out for yourself on the weekend you are next available.

Centris Walk

Malunggay Juice - tasted like Calamansi to me

Empanada served and cooked before your eyes!


Mercato is quite a long way from Centris. We took the MRT from Quezon Ave, then got off at Ayala Station. From Ayala we walked across EDSA to the other side where the Fort Bus is located. You can ask the bus driver to take you to the closest stop to Mercato. It should be somehow near the MC Depot.

The new fare rates


It's lunchtime! Mercato is so busy!

We got at Mercato in time for lunch and how we are welcomed with so many food! My mouth is watering!  Haha. I got first the isaw and then the lechon sandwich. Both tasted good though I didn't finish the sandwich maybe because it was really quite big for me.

Leaving Mercato we were supposed to head to Rockwell for the next weekend market stop, unfortunately it rained and we lost our!

So we then decided to call it a day and head home. It was a nice day anyway. I'm really happy I got to discover these weekend market and how to get there thru public transport.


  1. wow..there's a lot of food! i want to visit this when i get to manila

  2. @June Osida Benitez

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the variety of food in these weekend markets! You've got to check out Legaspi and the one in Rockwell :) Enjoy!


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