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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rizal Rediscovery Tour - Bulacan & Pampanga Leg

I've been wanting to start the trail since I heard about it around June. But due to so many uncontrollable factors I had to keep on skipping but finally made my way to my first stamp this weekend.

I'm sure you have heard about the Lakbay Jose Rizal Project. If not then check out the link to learn more.

Rizal Passport - 27 stamps all around the Philippines

Stamped! - from Bulacan and Pampanga :)

This is the third leg organised by Archie, one of the CS Manila moderators. The first one happened on the holiday of 20th June, which I have to miss because I had to stay back at work. The second leg was last weekend to Laguna, but I skipped it due the worry of the storm.

Gladly, this weekend, I'm just so ecstatic to finally get some stamps on my Rizal Passport! I was with more than ten other members of CS Manila. Not only did we stop to get the stamps, we also dropped by other historical places on our way. And of course, we didn't miss to grab the chance to get on a food trip!

Another day of filling up our historical memories, unlimited laughter, meeting new friends, exotic food tasting and yummy food trip!

Our first stop is the Barasoain Church and then a few walk from there is the site of the stamp - Kamestisuhan where the Women of Malolos was found. There was an exhibit so we took the chance and looked around.

We head next to Pampanga and went to the site of the San Fernando Railway where Rizal took the train. There was also a Death March Marker on that site.

Since we are all hungry and tired we decided we head to Everybody's Cafe and finally have our late lunch. They serve frogs and crickets! I tried the cricket and honestly it did taste good. haha!

After our fulfilling meal we then head to the mall just infront of Everybody's to get a taste of Kabigting's Halo Halo. It was tasty especially the beans.

After that we head back to Manila. It was definitely a fun day.

It was just a shame I wasn't able to bring my camera, so I had to deal with my camera phone. :S

Anyway, here's the photos of what transpired that day - photos that I had to grab from my CS friends because I have no decent camera with me.

I'm looking forward to the next leg, probably Antipolo and Bicol!

CS Manila @ Barasoain Church

Infront of Pampanga Capitol

Nice white building of Pampanga Capitol

Finally got my first stamp!

Rizal Emilio Aguinaldo statue near Barasoain Church


  1. weee, masarap daw iyong halo-halo, parang paste!

  2. wow ang saya! looking forward sa mga picture mo sa dapitan.. haha!

  3. congrats on the passport Karen! =) wish i could do that too! thanks for sharing!

  4. @anonymous: haha mas masarap naman sya ng konti compared sa paste :) super tamis nya!

    @katlina: nag iisip pa ko if I could go to dapitan...ang layo eh haha

    @thepinaysolobackpacker: thanks :) yeah, join us soon...we're heading to Antipolo soon then hopefully the Bicol Leg via PNR :)

  5. Correction regarding one of your pictures in this blog entry. The photo captioned as "Rizal statue near Barasoain Church" shows the monument of former president Emilio Aguinaldo facing the facade of the Barasoain Church. That is not a monument of Jose Rizal.

  6. @Bulacan Resident
    Thanks for pointing that out.:) I've made the necessary change on the caption.


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