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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rizal Rediscovery Tour - Antipolo Leg

The following week after we did our Manila Leg, is another continuation of the Rizal Rediscovery Tour. Just like the rest of the legs, I traveled with a group of CS'ers headed by Archie. I'm so getting used to going with the group! :) There were probably about 20 CS'rs in this leg and it was such a bunch of fun!

I just met the group at the Antipolo Church, the first stop. Since I was the first one to get there, I got informed that the office would be closed by 12pm and resumes at 2pm. Good thing the rest of the group got there in time for the stamp almost 5 mins before the clock struck 12!

Antipolo stamp - Done!

Antipolo Church and my Rizal Passport

The othe side of the church

It was lunchtime so everyone decided to eat first before proceeding to the next destinations.

We are heading next to Hinulugang Taktak. It used to be a well known falls in Antipolo. Everyone had a great time taking photos.

Waterfalls in the background

Good friends from Couchsurfing Manila

Next stop is the Petrogyphs site. We had to go through a tunnel, then on the other side we had to walk a few meters to get to the Petrogyphs site.

The Petrogyphs Site >> that way!

At the office of the care takers

It was my first time to see the site. I just felt awful that there are vandalism on them. I hope they have been preserved much better because these are historical sites that keep memory of our past. At least it was good that there has already been efforts to look after the site and ensure that vandalism do not happen.

Inscriptions on these stones were told to have dated back 2500 BC

After the Petrogyphs site, we then head to the Art Museum of Nemesio Miranda. Art galleries in Angono abound and I'm sure there's more we could have visited if only we are not pressed for time. Great artworks and paintings abound in the museum. Mr. Miranda even gave a short introduction and welcome for us. It was nice to see one of our regarded artist in person!

CS Manila @ Nemiranda Museum in Angono

After such a tiring day, we headed to Balaw Balaw for our dinner. The rest of the group opted for the exotic food trip. Since I wasn't on the mood for some exploration I sufficed with the food that was offered in a big pan. Consisting of rice, seafood, veggies, fish and pork! It's a group sharing treat.

As we are leaving Balaw Balaw, we were informed we are dropping by a lake somewhere and another CS'r Ralph has prepared another food trip for us. Little did we know that we are being served so much more. It was definitely another food trip. We really had an amazing time and such a great day to spend with new found friends!


  1. Gosh, I haven't been to any of these sites you guys visited. Wish I could join fellow CSers on a trip someday.

  2. @Pinay Travel Junkie: Hi Gaye! wow really? I'll be looking forward to you joining one of the CS Manila's group trips! :) It's always a lot of fun!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. I had fun in that trip.

  4. @Tita Ethel: Thanks so much Tita! So happy to get wonderful comments! We also enjoyed your company and Tito Ed as well...excited na for the next CS trip...Bicol? :D


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