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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ilocandia Series: Sand Dunes, Paoay Church and others sights

After our lunch at Fort Ilocandia, we decided to take the trip further to the Sand Dunes. There is a beach when you drive a bit further. We should have brought our swimming gears!

I actually wanted to experience sand boarding in the sand dunes, but it was such a hot day so we only took some photos and went on to our next stop.

I never imagined the Paoay Church to be that huge! It's very lovely in the pictures.

Taking the famous jump shot!

On my background are the massive buttresses of the church.

Picture perfect. I really liked the facade of this church.

We had more time to kill and decided to check out Pangil beach in Currimao with lots of coral formations.

We didn't stop there, on our way back, we also dropped by the Mariano Marcos University. Lovely sunflowers lined infront of us.

As the day ended, we took some time to have merienda at Robinsons. It is located in Valdez Center.

It was a fruitful day we went to so many places. Yay!

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