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Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why I (Travel) Blog

It's been a while since I last wrote for my Top 10 series so this is probably the best time to revive it and try and post something. I was reading this blog - Date a Girl who Blogs last night. Quite witty and funny I even thought of doing my own version of 'Date a Girl who Codes' i.e. Software Development Coding. But instead I just thought of listing down why I actually want to blog and my inspirations for actually doing it. It might take sometime to make the 'Date a Girl who Codes' and I will be dedicating it to my fellow female developers and techies out there! Hahaha

People around the world views my blog

So here it is:

1. I blog to extend my memory hard disk - This is my main reason for starting a blog. I want to keep the memories not only in my mind but also in a physical storage that I can look back anytime I want to. My first blog dates back when I was still in college I think but I have actually been writing in a sort of diary when I was still young. As I get exposed to the technology therefore I realised that to blog about the important and memorable things I encounter is a good way for me to keep them and remind me of those once in a while. It was a good feeling to read up those funny, lonely and strange happenings that I have documented. Sometimes it makes me miss the place, the people, the food and stuff.

When the time comes that I have children I'd let them read my blog!

2. I blog to squeeze my creativity juices - By nature, I think I'm made to be a creative person. When I was younger I did enjoy creating boxes from folders and wrap them in cool gift wrappers. I just collect them and look at them with excitement or sometimes just use them to put little stuff I collect. I did like drawing and colouring too. We used to have colouring books and I love the achievement of getting the beautiful pictures in colour. I used to want to be a designer for dresses. We used to have paper dolls my aunt drew for us and there were times I'd picture nice clothes for my paper doll. At school, I have also discovered I have liked writing. The mix of words and meanings stringed into phrases, sentences and paragraphs and later on re-reading them in one bunch of uncovered truths and untruths! I have been to poetry and essay writing contest at school though I didn't win once...but still it was something I have enjoyed doing. And thus blogging comes into play. I write for the love of writing. And blog for the love of blogging :)

3. I blog to fight boredom - I'm usually a lazy home buddy type of person. But sometimes boredom just creeps in and because of my laziness to go out, I'd write in my blog instead. It's plain simple, it makes my mind work and I bid goodbye to boredom

4. I blog to document my travels - When I have begun with my first overseas trip in 2005, I found I wanted to keep the list and memory of places I have been so I can share with my family and friends. It began with me posting pictures of the sights. But I wanted to tell the story behind those photos so I have actually added little by little some descriptions until finally I have made some developments with my writing.

The travel bug

5. I blog to share info about my travels - As a fruit of number four, I have actually managed to add not just the story but also the itinerary and post accounting of my trips. I'm happy to share these since some people normally would like to know where exactly I've been, how much I have spent and other tips I can give. So instead of answering them one by one, this is a good way to share it to them in one go!

6. I blog to inspire others - To be able to travel and enjoy the sights of a whole new place is one of the best treasures in life. I know people who have never gone out too far from the city but I've just been lucky to have this chance so I'm making the most out of it. But at the same time I want people to know that to travel don't have to be too costly. If there's a will there's a way.

7. I blog to be able to join blogging contests - I'm a fan of contests being the competitive person that I am. There have been some online contest that gets bloggers to send entries so this one way of me to get tiny bit of something from blogging which I enjoy doing at the same time.

8. I blog to extend my online visibility and network - I monitor my stats everyday and to be able to see people  actually reading my blog is something that makes me a  little proud of my craft. I see views coming from different countries and I'm just happy that I have reached more people that I could have ever thought. To see comments from people actually makes me excited to write more!

9. I blog to celebrate life - How in the world does blogging make me celebrate life? Well, I've always told myself how lucky I am to have family and friends who support and help me through this journey. And every word, every post that I write I dedicate to the lovely people I've been with since I've made it to this world and the jolly friends who I've shared every fun moment when when I travel. I say cheers to blogging and all the great persons who have been with me from the very start, those who stayed until this day and those who will still walk with me through the future!


10. I blog to finally make some money out of it - Well, if I can get something from blogging why not? But this is the very least reason as you can see. So I definitely will continue to blog even if I don't earn from it, but who knows. :)

So there you about you? Are you a blogger? Why do you blog? Happy to hear your thoughts!

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