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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thoughts On a Good Friday

When I was still a kid, there was once a time I found something peculiar in my left foot. With interest I discovered I had a small flat mole in one of my toes! They say if you have mole in your feet, you are bound to go to places. That belief has become true to me ever since I laid my foot outside the house on my own!

The mole that made this all happen...hehe

Enjoying the road that leads to somewhere

As a kid, we are not really allowed to travel by ourselves. We go to school in a service vehicle that picks us up from house and brings us back. When we commute to different places in the metro, we are always accompanied by our parents and/or our titas. In short, I've never travelled on my own until I was in college! Yeah, first year of my uni-life was the first time I had to ride a jeepney and fx by myself and travel to Espana, Manila where my university is located!

It was truly a strange feeling. I was a bit worried too because then I don't have anyone older person to assist me and pay for my fare. I was at first shy to pass my fare and say 'Para' so I can get off the vehicle. But it was all good. I had my own share of misfortunes during those times. But hey, it's part of growing up.

Throughout my growing years, I have seen family and relatives arriving from overseas. So I've always wondered how it felt to ride a plane and fly up in the air for a number of hours. Must be really scary?

And then comes a time when I myself would finally be up the air on a plane heading to a place I've never dreamed I'd set foot.

It finally dawned on me how much I was enjoying walking around, looking at maps, getting lost, being back on track again, catching a wrong bus or train, meeting new people and experiencing extraordinary random things!

Travelling has made me look at life with fun and excitement. I've realised there is so much to discover beyond the four walls of our humble house! I've realised how fun it is to meet people and listen to what they can share.

Travelling taught me to be more open and to accept things as they come. If I can't change it then there's no point crying over spilled milk. I'll accept it and head on to the next journey. It has always changed the way I look at things. That in some ways even if you plan for something one thing or the other there is something bound to fall over so what do I do? Well, just continue to enjoy the travel.

Travelling has also taught me that experience is the best teacher and the people around you are like books. Don't judge a book by it's usually true!

Up to this day, I would never regret I chose to make the journeys I did. I have been thankful that I had all these opportunity and still continue to receive all these blessings in life. And I'm still looking forward to the next journeys of my life.

*Have a blessed Good Friday!*

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