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Friday, March 18, 2011

Jenny and the Greatest Adventure Partner

When I visited Sydney for the second time in 2007, I've met a friendly colleague named Jenny. I consider her one of the special adventure partners I've encountered. She was a very nice young lady who also loves to eat, try out things and of course travel around. Since we go to the same office we usually take lunches together at the food courts and coffee shops near the office. Sometimes she'd join me get some groceries at Aldi's or even window shop at Greenwoods or at Berry Square.

It was very nice of her to have invited me one time to do an afternoon walk from our North Sydney office, across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then head to The Rocks. We were tired after the walk and so decided to get some snacks at Pancake at the Rocks. We went around the city that night and enjoyed window shopping for clothes and shoes.

There was also a time she’s invited me to have dinner at Tony Roma’s in the city and in a Vietnamese Restaurant in Chatswood. And most of all, the night before I left for Manila, she went with me to Bondi to have a taste of the well known Hurricane’s Ribs. I definitely had the best of times with her. She’s such a gem.

I miss her and the wonderful times we have spent together. She's already with the greatest adventure partner there up the heavens...

*****This is an entry to Wanderlass Adventure Partner Contest*****

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