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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anawangin Weekend

I would definitely be back in this very nice cove off the coast of Pundaquit, Zambales. It's really a perfect weekend getaway if you prefer to leave the hustle and bustle of the city! I had a good fun with close CS friends and met new ones as well. So since this is quite a short break, I'll try and run down the itinerary and costs in one!

From the coast where we catch a boat to Anawangin

Very nice view going to Anawangin
Campers start to pitch their tents
I'm a happy camper

One characteristic I find so unique is the presence of the pine trees. This is also my first time to camp out. I felt like I wanna buy my own tent! I so wanna go back or perhaps hop to other islands nearby - Nagsasa and Potipot.

Since this is a CS activity, the itinerary has been set by our very good organisers! Expenses all-in at 1700 PHP which includes: Bus from Manila to Pundaquit (vice versa), Food, entrance fees, tricycle and other miscellaneous.

3AM - I went to meet other CS'ers near Farmers. I met up earlier with Charlie because I didn't want to go alone. We head to Victory Liner in Caloocan

4AM - People started to get ready for boarding the bus

5AM - Bus departed and we're off to Zambales

8AM - Arrive in Zambales and took a tricycle ride to catch the boat

10AM - We arrive in Anawangin, organised our tents and stuff and started preparing for Lunch

I was included in the team Lunch so myself and the rest in the team did their part. Clean the fish and meat, prepare the ingredients and finally cook the food

12PM - Lunch was ready

2PM - Siesta! Hahaha Abby and myself spent the whole afternoon sleeping in the sand :) Sorry we are so lazy...

6PM - Get ready for dinner

7PM - Dinner time (pork chops and chicken)

9PM - A bonfire was set-up and everyone gathered for some introduction and stuff

1AM - I decided to sleep and take it from there...only little alcohol made me sleepy :))

The next day...

The morning we woke up in Anawangin
Good morning Anawangin

I look sleepy...but still happy! hahaha

And there's a small river?

6AM - Woke up and prepared for breakfast

7AM - Breakfast of hotdogs and sausage. We had a quick dip at the beach and then finally fixed ourselves up for departure

8AM - Departure time! Photo op and all...

12PM - We had lunch in Subic at Mang Inasal before boarding our bus that takes us back to Manila

5PM - Arrived in Manila

6PM - I'm home and not so tired at all :)

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