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Friday, March 18, 2011

Western Visayas Trip 2011

The trip to Iloilo was originally an unplanned thing. Last year I came across the Piso fare promo from Cebu Pacific. Because I'm a sucker for air fare promos that time, I felt the itch to book it without thinking! So I booked the flight to Iloilo for 300 pesos roundtrip. That was just me. Until I realised, why don't I get my family join me on a trip for the first time. And so I did. A few more promos came up and I've booked Papa, Mama and my two sisters round trip flights to Iloilo. I finally decided to share the experience to the rest of my household. I chose Iloilo because it's where Mama was raised and I know we have many relatives I haven't met and seen in my entire life.

Finally, Iloilo! Ticked off my list!

Iloilo Municipal Hall

I'm a fan of La Paz Batchoy

Hurom-Hurom Spring in Kalibo Aklan

Captivating Boracay Sunset

Plaza Libertad. Jose Rizal standing right there

Church in Trappist Abbey in Guimaras

Trappist Souvenirs

So it was supposed to be a great summer getaway until my two sisters are not able to join due to some reasons. I was a little sad but then there must another chance anyway. So I would still enjoy this and have fun!

So 2-5 of March the three of us and another uncle flew to Iloilo. It was nice sunny day when we arrived.

I was happy to go all over those places in the Panay Island. In four days I was able to travel to four provinces. Iloilo, Antique, Boracay (Aklan) and Guimaras. It was a very fruitful trip as well since I have been able to meet relatives and spend time with some cousins.

I would definitely say there'll be another chance to visit them again - what with the cheaper fares! Will post the itinerary and hopefully the post-accounting this weekend, if not, it should be soon!

Have a great weekend and happy travels!

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