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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Touring Around Bohol

It was around 6:30am when we arrived in Tagbilaran Airport. Immediately after picking up our baggage we head outside and kuya guide with my name on it is waiting for us. I forgot his name because we usually just call him Kuya.

Our first stop is the Blood Compact Shrine. If I remember right our guide tells us this is not the actual spot where the blood compact happened as the exact location would somewhere in the waters next to this. The shrine was just put up there to commemorate this event.

Our guide suggested we stop on the tourist spots on our way to the Chocolate Hills. Since the Chocolate Hills is the farthest and we'd better get there while the rain doesn't pour on us.

Clarin Bridge, we're off to our next stop
The Tarsiers! They are one of the smallest and cutest creatures you'll ever see! It was good time to visit them when we got there because it's feeding time. The tarsier were being fed with worms. Because they are nocturnal animals, they are supposed to be sleeping in the day. I began to sing: 'And I look at to your big brown eyes...'

Laki ng mata nya!

Close na kami!

There was also a lemur on the other side of the tarsier place.

Eto pala ung nasa Madagascar na movie!

We passed by some buildings and a house constructed like a ship.

I think this is a bell tower?

Our guide told us the tour inside this house should be open next year
The Bilar Man-Made Forest is very nice. Para akong nasa FernGully at Twilight movie, that part where they are being chased in the forest. Cool!

Just see how small we are compared to these towering trees!
Next stop, Chocolate Hills!

There must be more than 800 hills sabi ni kuya!

It was a little hot when we got up the hill

There's also a wishing well and bell! Wish wish!

And a Lourdes Grotto at the side of the view point
Going up the view point you have to take some 200 plus steps up. Up the top, if you want to get better pictures with the hills you can avail of the photo service. We had one with the broom stick. I'll try and upload that too later!

Down the hill there's also a number of souvenir shops. But kuya guide told us we can find cheaper ones at the shops near the Hanging Bridge which is our next stop.

We dropped by the Butterfly Farm
 At the butterfly farm, there was a nice guide that took us around the place and had us introduced to different information about butterflies. We are supposed to get pictures with butterflies but it started drizzling.

Nakapayong talaga!
 The Hanging Bridge is made of bamboo and thought it looks scary to be crossing this bamboo bridge, it wasn't for me. At the other end we had the time to buy souvernir and treats.

It was almost 11:30 and we decided we now head to the Loboc River to get our lunch.

So hungry na!

The lunch at Loboc River Cruise
 After the fulfilling meal at Loboc River we head to Clarin Ancestral House.

Clarin Ancestral House

Old furnitures

Sitting on Sen. Clarin's table

Outside the house
We head next to the well known Prony! It's interesting that you can actually go inside his cage. Other tourist get in and had some photo op. But we didn't we're happy enough to stay outside and marvel at this big python.

This is Prony and he's quite behaved
Prony the python

The Baclayon Church is said to be the second oldest church in the Philippines. I was amazed to see the image of Padre Pio on the wall. You can easily spot it!
Image of Padre Pio
There 's a short tour of the museum at the second floor. Apparently cameras are not allowed.

Our last tour spot is the Bohol Bee Farm. During this time, my camera battery is dying out. So most of our photos were taken from my mobile. This place looks really nice. There's a pool, a garden where we had a tour as well and bee interaction. You can go down the steps and find the restaurant and the sunbathing area adjacent to the sea.

We were toured also at the weaving site. Afterwards we treated ourselves to their very own ice cream! Yummy! We had the malunggay and avocado flavour. There was a souvenir shop as well where we got our own treats like honey, organically made soap, ube flavoured barquillos and honey spread!

The bees are friendly at Bohol Bee Farm

Our last few shots because the cam is out of battery soon

Shopping time! Oh I also bought Kape Mais, for the coffee addict that is myself

There's a whole bunch of native bags and crafts

Nice view of the veranda next to the sea

Nice view!
 There's just so much to see in Bohol that we are glad we got through for only one day! I have to thank our very helpful guide and driver hehe. They are very accommodating and really took care of us.

We got to Dumaluan beach at around 5:30pm. And since we are tired we didn't do much until dinner. We took our dinner at a nearby outdoor restaurant. Our dinner on our first night consisted of Sinigang na hipon and sisig. It was cheap and good enough. Since it was a Saturday night, it was expected a lot where having dinner at the beach.

Afterwards, we head back to the room and sleep. Our second day is meant for our dolphin watching and island hopping! Check out the next one :)


  1. I like your trip. Thanks for sharing. Are you allowed to hold a tarsier? I really want to touch one. They are cute and small.

  2. nope, we are not allowed to hold the tarsier! I wanted to try it too haha. Thanks for dropping by ;)


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