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Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Weekend Getaway to Bohol

It was as early as 2:30am. I woke myself up to prepare to leave for my Bohol Getaway with my sister. We left the house at around 3:00am. Our flight to Tagbilaran is at 5:35. So were right at the Centennial Airport with enough time to rest and get breakfast.

The Mabuhay Lounge

Having Coffee
 This trip is one of those quickly planned trips. We are availing a tour package which includes the airport transfers, accommodation at Dumaluan Beach and the day tour on our first day. The Mabuhay Miles from PAL had this Great Miles Getaway Promo again where we get to travel for lesser miles. So basically, what I only paid for the flight is the tax. And because no more seats were left on the economy, we got the Business class seat!

Little did I know that getting the Business Class seat gives us access to the Mabuhay Lounge! It's a special area where we can have buffett breakfast and comfy seats while waiting for our flight. Me and my sis are thrilled. We didn't have breakfast when we left the house so it's good we are getting breakfast here. And there's also a cubicle with an internet enabled pc. It's good to know there's also a strong wifi signal inside. So while my sister check up on her facebook on the pc, I'm doing the same too with my wifi enabled phone.

There's all sorts of food on the table. There's chicken and pimiento sandwich, there's bread and butter, you can even toast the bread as there's a bread toaster next to it. There's also arroz caldo! Later when there were more people in the room, more bread are served which we also tried! It was cool to have experienced the perks in the Mabuhay Lounge. But after 1 and a half hour, we had to leave and proceed to the gate to board our plane to Tagbilaran.

I was still sleepy but excited at the same time. It's of course our first time in Bohol. I've wanted to explore and see the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers which the place is very well known for.

Upon boarding the plane, we are seated at the second row, we were greeted with the flight attendant and offered us drinks immediately. After some minutes, we are served breakfast, so basically, our second breakfast for the the day. We are already stuffed from the breakfast we had at the lounge yet we can't stop ourselves enjoying the breakfast on the plane. Oh well, just enjoy the perks of business class, minsan lang naman haha

Water and juice

Yummy in-flight breakfast

The trip to Tagbilaran is fairly quiet. We arrived earlier than expected. I'm still sleepy. It was cold in the plane so it makes the right atmosphere to sleep.

A few minutes to wait for our luggage to think it's tagged priority. Yes, I just realised, your check-in luggage also gets tagged 'Priority' if you travel business class!

Welcome to Tagbilaran Airport

Picture while waiting for our baggage
Next stop, or rather blog is about the Tour we had on our first day in Bohol! Check it out!

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