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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bohol Day 2: Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping

On the night of our first day, I was discussing with my sister that since we got no plans for the next day we can just go with the dolphin watching and island hopping tour. So we booked it and we are expected to be fetched at 5:30 in the morning of the next day.

Had to get bfast before the tour
So we woke up at 5am so we can first have breakfast before starting on the tour. It was good the breakfast is all set at the dining area of Dumaluan Beach Resort. We had some mixed veggies and beef picadillo. There's fruits and drinks are also served.

It was a quiet morning we had some time to take photos while waiting for our guide.

Good Morning Dumaluan Beach

Waiting for our guide

Welcome To DBR!

There were nice little huts
Our guide arrived in a few minutes and we started on our journey to sight dolphins. There have been a problem with the boat when we were half way so we had to wait another one to get us transferred to. We are still able to catch dolphins but it wasn't easy to spot them. I only got a video but no photos. Still happy to have seen dolphins in their natural habitat and not caged.

After the dolphin watching we head to Balicasag Island. That's where we are getting lunch and also do snorkeling.

I'm still sleepy haha

Woohoo! Off to see the dolphins

Off to Balicasag Island
What a bright sunny day

Finally, we've set foot on Balicasag

Wow, Balicasag
Ready to go snorkeling

The island from where were snorkeling

Thanks to Kuya we have pics during our snorkeling

And another one
Weehee Starfish!

Umm, gusto ko lang iwagayway ang aking sarong
Our lunch is of camaron rebosado and crab! After the nice lunch at Balicasag we head next to the sand bar called Virgin Island.

Jump shot

Who cares about sunburn when you have this beautiful background

Yummy indian mango while resting
Sun, Sand and Me

Enjoying the water and photo op


Goodbye Virgin Island
After the tour, we head back to our hotel and rested for until dinner time.

Our dinner at Dumaluan Beach Resorts resto is superb and we are definitely so full, no doubt.

What to order?

Photo op muna

Empty plate
Squid adobo and chicke croquettes

Coffee and creme brulee

Bedroom @ Dumaluan Beach Resort

There's also mini-ref and tv
Our second day was so much fun. It was so sad to think we are leaving the place the next day. Well we have to make the most of it and relax in this beautiful place! Next blog about our last day in Bohol...awww

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